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Top 5 Benefits of Online Personal Training



5 Benefits of Online Personal Training that are Worth Your Attention

It seems like almost everything is going online these days, and personal training is no exception. Whether it’s due to busy schedules or the “6-foot rule”, the modern era is very virtual and very online. That’s why knowing about the top 5 benefits of online personal training is worth your attention. Online personal training has quickly levelled up to the in-person training standards and is a great option for many people. 

People seek personal training for many reasons, some of those being needing guidance, support, accountability, or just some structure to their health and fitness routines. A personal trainer motivates clients while making exercising challenging and fun. A fitness professional educates clients and gives them the skills they need to progress and see results. An online personal trainer can provide all these things, with some additional benefits that you might not have considered before. 

If you’ve ever considered hiring a personal trainer but maybe time or money has been an obstacle for you, online personal training can be a great option to consider. Hopefully this information will help you on your fitness journey. 

Read on for the main benefits of online personal training in some detail. 

Virtual Fitness Market Overview

Across the board, the Virtual Fitness Market has been growing since the internet became available to the general population, but has immensely boomed in the last few years thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The global online/virtual fitness market size is projected to grow by 33% from 2020 to 2027 to be valued at nearly 60 billion.

At the start of Covid-19, staying active and keeping healthy became more important than ever, gyms and fitness facilities closed down. 

The pandemic created a challenge for trainers and fitness facilities to utilize the internet so they could keep helping clients and maintain their business. Iron Lab Strength & Conditioning was no exception, and we found ourselves coaching 1:1 Virtual Zoom sessions, and creating customized online personal training programs for clients.

When the gyms opened again, we continued on this path and created a Hybrid program, where our clients would see us both in person and get access to us 24/7 online with their custom program. We called it personal training 2.0, and we saw an immensely drastic change in clients’ successes and results. Rather than seeing us once or twice a week for an hour at a time, clients had a virtual trainer 24/7 with homework workouts, nutrition guidance, and the ability to ask their online trainer questions about their fitness journey. The results speak for themselves!

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The top 5 Benefits of Online Personal Training:

1. Professional Advice

We can all agree that everyone needs to eat better and exercise more. But what exactly does that look like for you? An online personal trainer has the expertise to develop a program uniquely tailored to you. Their training goes way beyond general advice, and will get you to where you want to be faster than going it alone.

They’ll assess you to create a customized plan to help correct posture, adjust muscle imbalances, and possibly find and alleviate minor aches and pains. A good online personal trainer will use science-based and proven methods to get you healthier, fitter, and stronger than ever before. No more searching on the internet, your virtual fitness professional knows how to help you.

With this type of online personal training, your coach will adapt your plan on a regular basis to reflect your progress and get you towards your goals.

2. Quality

Benefits of in-person training online: Although online and not in-person, virtual training sessions can provide you with the quality coaching you need to get an effective workout. You’ll have the 1:1 support of your coach guiding you through the session, asking you questions and responding to your needs. Your virtual coach will be able to see what you’re doing, and how you’re doing it. They’ll be able to correct your form and push you to keep going, even if you want to give up!

The structure and quality of your online session remains the same as it would in-person, but you get to do it in the comfort of your own home and not have to go anywhere to get to your trainer! They come to you, through your screen.

3. Flexibility

With Online Personal Training you can train wherever, whenever you’d like. At Iron Lab we run our programs through an app, so if you have a smartphone you can keep training while travelling, at the gym, at home, basically anywhere you can get the internet! 

Do your workouts on your own time, when it works for you. Virtual sessions allow for that in-person training aspect to continue, where your trainer will check on form and intensity. It can also be a way to keep you on track if you’re prone to skipping workouts – if you’ve made an online appointment with your trainer they’re going to make sure you’re there for it!

If you move away, if your trainer moves, even if you want to hire a specific trainer for their expertise but they don’t live close to you, you will still be able to get their high quality training and see the results you want by hiring them as your online fitness coach.

4. Affordable

Online Personal Training usually costs much less than in-person training. Furthermore, you can combine Online Personal Training with one-on-one in-person training sessions (we offer Hybrid Training packages at Iron Lab) to get the best value AND guaranteed results. The combination of online training and in-person sessions will depend on your experience, goals and budget, and will be mapped out by your trainer during a consultation and assessment, but essentially you have the ability to see your trainer weekly while getting custom homework workouts to get you in shape.

5. Results

Online Personal Training – especially when going through our team at Iron Lab – will get you the results you want faster, safer, and more effectively than going on your own OR even using a generic fitness app. The app we use is dynamic and it is run in the background by your specific trainer, who will customize every aspect of your program from the sets to reps, the weight used, the days you workout and more!

This ensures you are training exactly for your goals and progressing over time. During your fitness journey you will undoubtedly run into challenges and your online personal trainer will be there for you every step of the way to get you through them. Online training can help guide you to success, and create an independent way of training along the way.

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Consider Iron Lab Your Trusted Partner

Will you consider in-person training online? Are the advantages of online personal training worth it? As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons. Are there even any cons? Ultimately the choice is yours, but when doing so consider Iron Lab your first choice for achieving the benefits of working with an online personal training. We have extensive experience in getting results for our clients. Our life mission is to help you build the skills, the mindset, and what it takes to literally live your best life.

Iron Lab has helped thousands of people transform their lifestyles and get fit. With industry experience of over 15 years, we are confident we can help you with your online fitness training journey. 

Find out about our online personal training programs here.