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Personal Training That Doesn’t Stop In The Gym

Customized, one-on-one coaching that teaches you exactly what to do in and out of the gym.

Are you finding it challenging to…

Find the right personal trainer for your needs

Give personal training another chance after a bad experience

Know if personal training will help you reach your goals

Understand what support you actually need to get results

We take personal training to the next level.
One-on-one support that guarantees results.

Our approach is built on 4 foundational pillars

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A program built for your current abilities that makes you stronger every week

✔ Learn how to do each exercise and where in your body you should feel it
✔ Know how to spot incorrect form and how to adjust it right away
✔ Experience progress each week with the guidance of your trainer



A healthy, sustainable eating plan that fits your lifestyle and delivers fast results

✔ Learn to eat in a sustainable way that accelerates your fitness goals
✔ Your nutrition plan will accommodate any dietary restrictions
✔ Discover ways to eat healthy that are delicious and enjoyable

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Psychological strategies to skyrocket your motivation and reduce your negative self-talk

✔ Learn strategies to be consistent in the gym that accommodate your existing commitments
✔ Shift how you think about exercise—you’ll work hard and you’ll have fun 😊
✔ Become kinder to yourself

Yoga Mat Rolling Out


Scientific methods to help you de-stress and optimize your sleep so you can look and feel your best

✔ Learn how to take care of yourself physically outside of the gym
✔ Know when it’s time to take a break and how to prevent injury
✔ Get recovery exercises to do between sessions when applicable

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Here’s what you can expect with our coaching

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A hand-picked coach matched to you

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One-on-one support from your coach

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In-person or online coaching

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A custom nutrition plan that fits your life

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Regular check-ins

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App with your personalized program

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Life-changing results that last

How it works

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Personal Trainer Vancouver working with client

What our clients say about us

I've been training with Joe over a month now and it's been... great. Would highly more
Chris C.
I have worked with Martin for over a year and have lost 30 lbs.... I could not be more grateful for Martin’s professionalism and care for his clients. His dedication and personalized approach have truly made a significant difference in my fitness more
Matheus B.
I'm having the coaching sessions with Kevin, he is an amazing,... he is knows very well what he is instructing, and dedicated professional, also explain me the whys and how to perform better each rep so I don't injury myself, lastly he is very aligned and even more than I expected from a more
Nahid K.
Ali is an incredibly supportive and understanding trainer,... especially considering the challenges I face as a mother of two young children with mental health challenges. Her patience, encouragement, and flexibility are clearly invaluable assets in helping me navigate.The fact that Ali motivates me not to give up, despite the hurdles I encounter, speaks volumes about her dedication and commitment to my progress. It's evident that she not only recognizes my struggles but also actively works to bring me back to a positive place when I falter, demonstrating a deep level of care and understanding.Moreover, her kindness and ability to understand my unique needs and pace of work are commendable. In a fast-paced environment , having a trainer who is attuned to my individual circumstances and provides tailored support can make all the difference in my success and well-being.I wholeheartedly recommend Ali as a trainer for anyone seeking guidance and support in their weight loss and strength training/ journey. With Ali as your trainer, you'll have a compassionate mentor who will motivate you to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. I can't recommend her highly enough!read more
Ahmed S.
I really enjoyed my experience with Iron Labs from the start til... the end. Martin communicated extensively about what I was getting and how the program would work. He also teamed me up with Ali, who is a wealth of knowledge, was extremely supportive in helping me reach my goal, and gave me realistic insights into my goals and what would be achievable. I’d highly recommend Iron Labs and trust in their process!read more
Boushra B.
Excellent personal training program tailored to your specific... needs and will provide positive results if you do the work. I've been working with Ali for a couple of months and I have only positive things to say 🤩 Ali is a knowledgeable, effective, supportive and wonderful personal trainer, who provides practical guidance to empower the client on their fitness and wellness journey. During the in-person training sessions, Ali pays close attention to the body alignment and will give feedback on how to correct posture to avoid injuries. In the check-ins, Ali always provide encouraging feedback and useful tips and tricks to improve performance, nutrition, recovery, or help with any thing I may be struggling with.I like the holistic approach to personal training at Iron Lab; the coaches have a thorough intake process that involves an initial call with Martin the head coach, followed by a comprehensive questionnaire to understand where you are in terms of the different aspects of health and fitness, then an assessment session, all to understand your own personal needs, motivations, and roadblocks so that they can customize the training program for you.Overall, I'm impressed with the effort and time the coaches put into the program, and I am seeing positive results. I highly recommend Iron Lab for anyone who wants to invest in their health and improve their fitness and wellness 💪read more
Brenlee R.
Working with Kevin, who is super knowledgeable and dedicated to... helping you reach your more
Navdeep K.
I have been training with Iron Lab for about 3 months now and I... have come a long way in my fitness journey from where I started.Working with ABI and KEVIN has been a transformative experience. Their tailored workout routines were effective and challenging, pushing me to achieve fitness goals I never thought possible. The nutrition guidance was equally impressive, providing not just meal plans but also educating on sustainable eating habits. The holistic approach to fitness sets KEVIN and ABI apart. Highly recommended!"read more
Raman S.
I have been training with Abi for nearly four months now at Iron... Lab. She is a phenomenal coach who is exceptionally knowledgeable about strength training. I wanted to do more strength training but was worried about injury. Abi explains to clients the importance of solid form and stability before progressing to heavier weights. I am much more confident in my strength training and also excited because I have a better understanding of what I am doing and why I am doing it. Abi breaks down the science of a strengthen training simply so that her clients understand why its important to maintain proper form and why it also important to push yourself in the gym. Abi reads her clients extremely well, formulates fitness plans thattake into account client lifestyles and preferences. She encourages her clients and leaves them feeling excited and motivated about their fitness. Abi is an amazing coach and I am so thrilled to have found more
Scott M.
Abi and Martin are amazing trainers. They don't just throw... weights at you like many other do, they take the time to build your foundations and track your progress alongside you. They are the only trainers I've ever had that seem to genuinely care about getting results that extend long term. Would absolutely more
yvonne P.
Professional, adaptable, warm, clear messaging, and an... extremely helpful app are just some of the things I appreciate about Iron Lab, Martin and Lili in particular. As a relative newbie to strength training, they were able to set up a program for me that was easy to follow and allowed me the time I needed to learn the basics. I feel stronger and more confident in my body and actually look forward to working out and progressing. Give them a try, you won't regret more
Melanie B.
I highly recommend Abi as your personal trainer. She is very... supportive, knowledgeable, and passionate about fitness and health. Her positivity and encouragement keeps me motivated and excited to keep going. What I appreciated the most is her ability to make each session fun while pushing me at the same time. With Abi's guidance, I've already achieved significant progress and gained confidence in my fitness journey. If you're looking for a great trainer who genuinely cares about your success, don't hesitate to choose more
Gianmarco S.
I've been training with Abi for a month and a half, and so far... the progress has been just fantastic. I am eating healthier, and enjoying it, I have lost almost 10lbs, my running and general energy levels have visibly improved, and I am starting to feel strong as ever. I would recommend Abi and the IronLab team to anyone who's tired of putting in the work and not getting results. They will hold you accountable and constantly tune your training and habits to maximize your more
Andrea M.
I've been training for a while with coach Abi and it's been... absolutely amazing! Abi is super helpful, she has devised a great workout plan that I can stick to and adjusts anything if needed. Our in person sessions are always super fun and I love that I can reach her easily on the app if I have any questions (their app is awesome, btw super complete). I'm seeing great progress so far and definitely on my way to reach my fitness goals!read more
Geoff M.
Martin Voslar has helped me stay fit since a serious back injury... put me in hospital more than ten years ago. He’s practical, thorough and focused on safe, effective more
Josh C.
Martin's determination and drive to make his clients reach their... goals is unmatched. After a few months of nutrition and online personal training, I saw significant weight loss and built health habits that have carried me on for months after training. Already a great trainer, he is constantly improving and innovating his practice. I've seen a handful of trainers over the years and am confident in highly recommending Martin for more
Shaun N
My first time working with a trainer was with Charlotte and I... couldn't be happier! She is knowledgeable, patient, and a great motivator. Her guidance has set me on the path to success in fitness and more
The past year with Lili has been a life changer for me on... multiple levels. I played all sorts of sports and had old sports injuries that hindered my fitness. I'm very fortunate to have Lili, who is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and motivational. Her understanding of anatomy and physiology, combined with her experience as an athlete, provides a unique blend of insights that allowed me to push my boundaries without risking further injury. The nutritional guidance she offered was not just about losing or gaining weight, but rather about fueling the body with what it needs to perform optimally. It's not the type of gym where you take home just with a good deal of sweat, but a true academy where you learn from the masters, who guides you with wisdom, compassion, and expertise through the course and transform you become your own master of your body more
Jean-Denis R.
Martin and Lili are thoughtful, attentive to detail and... supportive. It’s always a pleasure to train with more
Kien N.
I've been training with Martin for close to 2 years now. For... someone who started going to the gym later in life, Martin has been very patient, kind and motivational. His knowledge of muscle groups and exercising in general is also vast and he is always transparent about his level of knowledge so as not to mislead you. Best of all, he keeps you accountable and always checks up on you to make sure that your progress is always forward. I always feel very supported and safe with Martin. Love you Martin <3read more
Thomas S.
Exceeding Fitness Expectations at Iron Lab!As a personal... trainer in Vancouver, the Iron Lab team is unrivaled. Their program is comprehensive, tailored to your body's needs, and delivers impressive results in no time. Their profound knowledge of health and fitness is reflected in each session, providing a gym experience that's as enlightening as it is transformative.Iron Lab's trainers are masters at managing weight goals and creating nutritional plans that complement your workouts. Their dedication to their clients is palpable, not only in their sessions but also in how they foster a community of like-minded people, all seeking a healthier lifestyle.From the moment you step into the gym, Iron Lab's trainers dedicate themselves to you - the time spent in every session feels valued, and the outcomes are beyond expectations. Choosing Iron Lab for personal training is a decision you won't more
Alycia Van der G.
This is an ideal personal training gym for people who need... flexibility and experts that will adapt to help you find the best methods for you to reach your short and long term goals. Raymond especially is a knowledgeable and thoughtful trainer! Just a month and a half in and I've already almost completely recovered from a persistent and extremely mobility reducing shoulder injury and I'm well on my way to exceeding my pre-injury fitness level but with more manageable lifestyle changes that I'll be able to keep up with more
Amineh A.
I highly recommend them. Knowledgeable trainers who will do... everything to help you achieve your fitness goal. Passionate, hardworking, efficient. Their focus on mobility and correct posture is key. There's an app that makes tracking and communication so much easier too. You won't regret training with more
Andy F.
Excellent personal training. Martin who care and always go... beyond to help achieve my goals. Well done. Thank you!!!read more
Guy K.
Martin is an excellent trainer - he knows exactly how much to... push you, adapts the session to your needs and body, and really focuses on proper technique to prevent injuries. It's about long-term progress with Martin, which I really appreciate. Can't think of anyone better, especially if your newer to personal more
Seona C.
I had exercised regularly for 6-7 years as a hobby using... exercise apps/youtube videos before Iron Lab, and never seen any trace of muscles other than just being skinny. I almost thought it's gonna be impossible to build muscles and it won't happen in this life.Martin made it possible within just 3 months; I started seeing muscles clearly which I hadn't seen for 7 years!! He taught me how important nutrition is, how to build muscles effectively and corrected all the confusion I had. I also learned how to incorporate exercises in my busy schedule.Having Martin as my first trainer was the best decision I made. I'm in the best physique in my life now. I strongly recommend Iron more
Kate N.
I have been working with Charlotte virtually since July and I... cannot thank her enough for her nutritional guidance, structured training and overall support. I can truly say this program has changed my life forever. When I first started out the program, I was very unmotivated, felt like I lost the person I was both physically and mentally and stopped enjoying the simple things in life like choosing what to wear, or doing my makeup. Throughout the duration of my training journey, I have lost almost 15lbs. Iron labs was the best decision I could’ve made. Charlotte is always very understanding, and really helped me to push myself to my limits and never give up. This program helped me to achieve personal goals and take full accountability in my life. As this was my first time doing any sort of individual training, I didn’t know exactly what to expect but Charlotte and the program she had in place surpassed all my expectations. I would highly recommend this program. Thank you so much for everything Charlotte!read more
Jenna B.
The team at Iron Lab is fantastic. I primarily train with... Martin—he’s kind, motivating, and knows his stuff. He takes a holistic approach that extends beyond the gym and gives support in nutrition, mindset and recovery. Its been a total game-changer for me.Since I started training with Martin a few months ago, I'm noticeably stronger (my goal!), staying consistent, and feeling empowered on my health journey. Martin's recommendations and guidance take my lifestyle into account and meet me where I am every week.I’m really enjoying having a personalized training plan, clear instruction on how to do the exercises in my program, and an element of accountability through the Iron Lab app. I can't recommend Martin and his team enough!read more
Jennifer C.
I worked with Martin and Lili and would highly recommend both.... As someone who has never been to a gym, they were able to guide me through understanding my nutrition and building my confidence to be able to use the gym competently on my own. I genuinely felt listened to and supported throughout my time with them and look forward to working with them again as I continue my fitness journey. Many thanks for your kindness and more
brian a
Iron Labs literally changed how to live a healthier life. I was... 225 pounds, did not work out/exercise, and loved eating (still do). But after 10 months, I lost 60 pounds, developed good eating habits, and incorporated workouts in my busy schedule. I started on a diet program, then slowly progressed to strength over the coures of a year. I highly recommend Iron Labs, as they give you perspective and knowledge on food, exercises, and healthy habit..... all personalized to you and your more
Nicholas T S.
Martin is the real deal. Not only is he an expert when it comes... to the relationship between food, fitness, and body, he has practical applications that make it easy to follow through and implement.In 90 days, his principles helped me to lose 30 lbs, drop from 24% body fat down to 12%, Increase my muscle mass from 155 to 163, and be in the best shape of my life at 47 years old.If you are considering doing your fitness journey alone, don't! Don't waste another minute. Hire Martin immediately! You are worth the more
Jeo E
Excellent training with Martin! loaded with great information... and good clear communication on what to do to achieve your goals and helps keep you on track, great experience!read more
Michael S.
I can't recommend Martin enough - if you're serious about your... fitness as it relates to health, nobody understands this more. Martin is as much a coach as a personal trainer and will push and encourage you to achieve real goals. Thank you Martin!read more
John H.
I have been training with Martin for at least 5 years. I really... appreciate his focused attention on what I'm doing and he can immediately spot me not doing a weight exercise correctly. When I've come with a minor injury he can right away change the workout to accommodate my limitation. He is super encouraging and knows exactly how much to push me to a new personal best without me feeling pressured.He has taken on several new associates recently and I know he has instilled the same exacting standards in them. I'm 75 and hope he's still around when I'm 90!read more
Barry H.
I have been working with Martin twice a week for almost six... years now and couldn't have asked for a better trainer. Each session has been both challenging and a positive experience thanks to his professionalism, his years of experience with fitness training and his ability to easily modify any training session if I'm experiencing an "off" day. His emphasis on core strength has helped me avoid a recurrence of previous back issues and improved my mobility and balance significantly. Throughout each session he checks with you to make sure you're doing okay and his encouragement and motivation has made going to the gym for me a positive and rewarding experience. Martin is very knowledgeable about how the body works, passionate about helping people achieve and surpass their fitness goals and a pleasure to train more
John B.
Jordan O.
I have been working with Charlotte for 6 months and the... experience has been life changing. When I started, I was mostly sedentary, unhappy with how I looked, and not confident enough to go to the gym or to make the changes in myself that I wanted to make. Thanks to Charlotte's coaching, positive attitude, motivation, and help with accountability, I am now much more confident in my body, how it looks, and how I feel in it. I look toned and fit. I have more energy and I'm sleeping better at night. Charlotte has also helped me feel "at home" in the gym, which was a really intimidating place before. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much Charlotte!read more
Jari S.
Have been working with Martin for around 6 months and I loved... every single bit of it. Very professional and will really help you to try and achieve your goals!! Def recommendingread more
Nicandro C.
Martin was able to help me loose approximately 20 lbs over 3... months of coaching. I learned of the importance of accounting for my calorific intake as is relates to my daily expenditures, and also the importance of the micronutrient profiles of the food I was eating. I also learned a great deal in terms of technique, when it comes to weight lifting. With a focus on proper form, correct preparation, and joint mobility I was able to make great advances in the weight room, and am able to really enjoy working out without injuries or undue strain. I would highly recommend Martin as a trainer, as he is very knowledgeable, and places a lot of attention to detail 👍🏼read more
Janna C.
I’ve been working with an amazing coach, Charlotte for almost a... year and it has been such a blessing in my life. She has been there for me to support so many aspects of my life. From diet to workouts and simple changes in my lifestyle.The app we use has been so helpful. The workouts Charlotte develops in the app is so easy to follow and posts personal bests which goes a long way. When you go through workouts you don’t always realize that you are making progress so this app helps show you this!This program has helped me gain confidence in myself and knowing that I have Charlotte there to guide me through tough times has saved me! I am preparing my body (and mind) for my wedding and I have so much confidence that I can get to my goals with Charlotte and the program. She checks in during the week and no topic is off limits with her!For anyone who is unsure whether this program will work for them…. Just give it a try! I promise once you reach out… you will not regret it! All programs are individualized and your coach will be so easy to approach. I feel so comfortable with Charlotte and so happy I contacted her last year.10/10 would recommend!!!read more
Mark H.
Martin has been a terrific help to me in the past few months. ... He has helped set me on a path that has helped me lose weight and gain fitness, and he's done it in a way that I know will be sustainable into the future. He is an excellent source of fitness knowledge and can help anybody with their fitness and weight loss more
Linda C.
I highly recommend Martin and Charlotte of Iron Lab. I am a... retired teacher who, in February 2021, found myself hardly able to move about without pain. I decided to contact , Martin, my personal trainer from a number of years ago before I moved out of town. Well, we had a Zoom call and then Martin and Charlotte, working on-line with me immediately set me up with a program and approach that works for me. My body and I thank them all the time as doing activities no longer results in pain and soreness. Both Martin and Charlotte are knowledgeable and flexible in their approach with me, which I appreciate so much. We meet twice a week for 1/2 hour each on-line and , I must say, that it works very well if you, like me, cannot make it to the gym. It is an absolute pleasure to work with these two great people who are dedicated to helping us be the best that we want to more
Malloy O.
Martin at Iron Lab Strength and Conditioning is a great trainer,... and has been great to work with. He creates a very positive environment that really more
Matt K.
I cannot understate how big of an impact Iron Lab has made on my... life. In just three months I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength, but most importantly I feel fantastic.In the past my attempts to get into shape were always hampered by feeling overwhelmed with different training regimens and conflicting information I found online. I worried that maybe I just didn't 'get' fitness.With the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of gyms, the prospect of getting into shape felt even more daunting to me then ever before. But then I reached out to Iron Lab. Between virtual training sessions, online planning, and in-gym private sessions (which are practiced in a very safe manner during the pandemic) I have been able make a huge amount of progress faster than I thought I could, and it's progress that feels truly sustainable!For me, finding out that I'm capable of making such great strides has been just as satisfying as actually making them. Learning proper technique has left me with a genuine love of exercising that has really changed my whole perspective.I've worked with Charlotte as well as Martin on occasion, and I have found both of them to be absolutely 10/10, outstanding trainers. I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation!read more
Suzanne L.
Martin is an amazing wealth of information and motivation. It is... a pleasure to work with him and I feel stronger already. I really appreciate the way he is able to tailor our training sessions to my needs both long term and on the day I show up for a workout.Highly recommend.Thanks Martin!read more
Kelly P.
I recently participated in a 60 day challenge and was absolutely... amazed by the experience. I’ve done a few challenges in my time but what made this different was how it catered and fit within my daily routine. I felt motivated and could easily follow the program created. My coach Charlotte Kapitza was always available a click away if I needed and the support she gave through my 60 day journey was outstanding. With dedication and hard work I not only came out lighter but much stronger at the end of the challenge. I would recommend IRON LAB Strength & Conditioning over and over again for all your fitness and weight loss more
Adam O.
I've been working with Martin for 18 weeks now, and I honestly... couldn't recommend a better trainer to help someone like myself who is looking to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Right from our first discussion about my goal of being a pain free and healthy person for the rest of my life, his philosophy and expertise on how to get there was so reasonable, I felt like I had found someone with the knowledge and skills to get me to the promised land.
A bit about me: I'm middle aged overweight guy with a history of major hip, low back, elbow, feet, and shoulder injuries. Every couple years, I get sick of being broken and out of shape and try to get moving and eat healthy. Each time I've started to get active I've injured myself and slipped back to eating tonnes of crap as an emotional support.

Martin's help has solved the two major road blocks to my goal of living a healthy lifestyle.
1. Expert movement evaluation and tool kit of mobility work to help me solve pain. With his guidance and the help of my excellent Chiro, RMT, and Acupuncturist if I felt some stiffness, pain, or soreness, I communicated it to Martin and he would trouble shoot the issue and prescribe mobility work to address. When I would have an appointment with one of my health care providers, Martin's diagnosis and prescribed remedies were in perfect alignment with their professional opinions, which gave me a lot of confidence in Martin. The result? We've successfully built strength in my posterior chain and core without a major back injury. For the first time since I was 12, I have a strong back and feel confident in it. This result is priceless for me.
2. A simple, common sense approach to nutrition that has made it possible for me to exchange my poor eating habits for great ones easily, no crazy will power required. When I used to try to eat better I would do a restrictive type diet like Paleo or the Whole 30, and they would make me miserable and I wouldn't be able to continue to comply. His approach of working to have proper portion sizes (unlimited veg, palm sized portion of protein, handful sized portion of carbs, and a thumb sized portion of fat), recording what I eat (I take pictures), and introducing moderation over weeks for my trouble food (ice cream) has been magical for me. Within two weeks I was eating 1/30 of the amount of ice cream I used to be consuming, feeling good about the change as I went. Now I eat a teaspoon of ice cream each night, relishing it, and appreciating how far I've come. Again, absolutely priceless.

Martin's honesty, transparency, knowledge, and experience add up to him being an unstoppable force for health in my life and I can't thank him enough. Money, time, and energy well spent, thanks Martin!
read more
Katherine M
I've worked with Charlotte for one on one training, and recently... completed the 60-day challenge and it was awesome! Great way to re-start my commitment after taking a break from the gym due to COVID. I was able to learn how to workout from home efficiently, and with minimal equipment. Charlotte knows how to get results, was able to personalize the approach based on my needs / abilities / previous injuries, and is very targeted in her workout plans. This program exceeded my expectations in terms of what I could achieve in 60 days. Highly Recommend!read more
Adam D
Martin built me a program specific to my own needs. The... exercises and movements were well explained, and helped me build strength to improve my sport performance and avoid injury. Thanks Martin, always a pleasureread more
Izabella G.
Martin and Charlotte are amazing!! They helped get back on track... after almost a year without exercising. I love how supportive they were during the entire process, from adapting the plan to fit my schedule (as many times as I needed) to motivating me along the way. Cannot recommend them enough!read more
Working with Charlotte was an absolute treat. She was kind,... patient, understanding, and super focussed on ensuring I met my goals in a compassionate way. Despite the pandemic being anxiety-inducing, I always felt safe both with her as a trainer & in the gym itself.I highly recommend working with the team at Iron Lab, and am rooting for their success as a business & for the individuals! 🙂read more
George C.
As someone who tents to injure him self trough impatience and... competitiveness with the crowd, I needed someone who would not only build a great fitness program to achieve what you are looking for, but also to protect you from yourself.Martin and Charlotte are an exciting, caring, focused and experienced power team who can help you trough your struggles to become….or stay fit, trough custom designed programs to your age, fitness level or body type. So, if you are looking for an intelligent, one on one, no cookie-cutter way to “get there”, look no further😊read more
Paul M.
As Vancouver’s top men’s high-performance doctor, I send all of... my most committed executive clientele to Martin. If that doesn’t tell you about the caliber of his results, I don’t know what will.Hands-down the best in more
Dana Smith, R.
Martin is a brilliant trainer. I, without hesitation, recommend... him. For those seeking someone to teach you excellent form, be in non-egotistical company, and want to benefit from an incredibly optimistic attitude: this is your guy. He’s an excellent human, and skilled trainer.Since COVID19, he has quickly pivoted his coaching to the online space. I've had the pleasure of witnessing my partner work with him weekly in this way with incredible results. Martin is still able to correct form and provide the careful coaching that he has done in person until now. There's nothing like being in Martin's awesome presence, but Skype is pretty darn close!Wishing Martin all the very best!read more
Can T.
Martin is just great. He is always positive and knows how to... push you when you are lazy by giving you extremely positive encouragement. When it comes to actual training he is very good at recognizing small muscle groups and areas where you need improvement in order to achieve your fitness goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get a better version of themselves, and do it more
Ece Gabriela T.
Martin is so inspiring, kind, motivating and extremely... knowledgeable. He always has an idea of just the right exercise for any issue I bring up. I used to find exercising boring and dull but he made every session enjoyable. He showed me how to use the equipment I already had properly and safely. With his expertise and care, I now enjoy working out, eating properly and exercise daily. Overall, he is an amazing trainer and he helped me in many more
Jonathan M.
Martin Voslar is simply one-of-a-kind when it comes to personal... training. I'm pretty late to the strength and conditioning game, but Martin's non-judgmental, responsive, tailored, and growth-oriented approach has me on a path committed to my own physical health and wellbeing.I've worked with Martin for four years, but really intensified my work with him during the pandemic response here in BC. Martin was quick to pivot to virtual personal training and we have met without fail weekly since March. Training virtually online has helped me to experience huge gains in my confidence and strength.Martin has a powerful approach to his training with clients. He truly meets you where you are at and you always know he's in your corner without fail, even when you stumble, forget to do your homework, or fall behind. This approach is incredibly motivating for someone who has felt pretty disconnected from physical activity ever since high school. And it has paid off. With consistent food tracking, evolving workouts, and some solid training goals on the horizon, I've experienced true change and a new appreciation for strengthening my body.In-person and online, Martin is fantastic. If you don't know where to start, if your confidence is in short supply, and you're wanting a trainer who'll design a program completely around you, give Martin a try. He'll help you start with an amazing foundation focused on form and you'll go from strength to strength.Thank you Martin for what and how you more
Sareh J.
We started training with Martin over 2 years ago and it’s been a... life changing experience. He is an amazing trainer with a wealth of knowledge. He taught us so much about nutrition, tracking, proper posture...The sessions were challenging but he made them fun with his great attitude. We are definitely a lot stronger, healthier and happier as a result. We can’t recommend him enough to anyone who’s looking for an amazing, caring and motivating trainer.Sareh & Sahelread more
I've trained with Martin for over seven years. He's hands down... the best trainer I've worked with! He's got a wealth of knowledge on training, nutrition, and optimizing your overall health.I've seen amazing results over the years and continually learn more from Martin. The best part about training with him is that he sets you up for life-long success by teaching you the skills needed to reach your goal.It's rare to find trainers that are truly invested in seeing clients achieve their goals. Martin checks all the boxes - he's passionate about fitness, has a practical/holistic approach, and takes his time to understand his clients' more
Dan S.
I made contact with Martin in the summer of 2017 based on a... recommendation from a friend who was one of Martin's clients.At our initial meeting, I explained that my primary motivation in considering to hire a Personal Trainer was for help with weight training and dietary issues. I was very overweight at the time and my doctor was strongly encouraging me to lose some weight as the most effective way of addressing other health issues.Martin encouraged me to make some basic lifestyle changes affecting my eating habits and simultaneously implementing a training program at the gym. I was very impressed with his suggestions and hired him to help me achieve my goals. Fortunately, my Husband was very supportive of the stated goals and suggested we work together in achieving the desired results.My dietary program primarily involved eating home cooked meals five days a week and allowing for dining out twice a week. This action alone would represent a major change from our routine of eating out at least five times a week. Home cooked meals involved a substantial reduction in starchy type foods (e.g. little or no potato, rice or pasta) but a good serving of vegetables and proteins. With Martin’s help,we implemented our new dietary program and found Martin to be a great source with both his knowledge and encouragement. He provided tips and suggestions - especially in the early stages with the implementation that included a set schedule of "eating in" and "eating out" days.. I also undertook a physical training program including hiring Martin as my Personal Trainer.During my first eighteen months of working with Martin, I succeeded in dropping thirty five pounds and thereby achieving my major goal in weight reduction. This success resulted in me finding much more energy to get out and do things including much walking and achieving happier results with my medical checks. My Husband experienced similar successes of his own.Once I achieved my initial goals, I settled into a regular type maintenance program and continue to utilize Martin for Personal Training services in addition to using my home gym on my own. Recently, I also commenced training with Charlotte Kapitza who works with Martin at Iron Lab. Having ongoing success with a maintenance program is also very challenging in different ways from working to achieve one’s initial goals and involves continued patience and perseverance to avoid falling back into old and bad habits! I have found working out with both Charlotte and Martin to be very helpful with their encouragement and ongoing suggestions to help me stay fit and maintain my goals.I have now been with Iron Lab for almost three years and the experience has definitely changed my life for the better. I give a very big Thank You to both Martin and Charlotte for the important role they have played and continue to play in my success. - Dan Stevens in Vancouver, British Columbiaread more
Sissi X.
I have been doing strength training with Charlotte for 7 months... and have made great progress in weight loss and muscle tuning. Martin and Charlotte made very comprehensive personal training plan based on my body condition and my requirement, and help me keep track of my progress on weekly base. And their training plan works fantastically so far! I feel I have been much slimmer and stronger1! Really enjoy training with them. Five stars!read more
Artur P.
It is rare to find a fitness trainer that highly in tune with... how your body works, and doesn't just prescribe the same old common exercises. This is why I consider myself that much more lucky to train with both Charlotte and Martin of Iron Lab. Their custom routines are perfectly challenging, always staying clear of injury, but never easy. Their caring and holistic approach, as well as their accurate advice have kept me progressing year after year, and I am immensely more
Germinal C.
Martin is an amazing guy and a very professional trainer. He... helped me to take my life more
Abhishek A.
Martin is a terrific personal trainer, motivating and super... outgoing ! After, an initial consultation he created a program that would help to not only strengthen but improve bad tendencies that he noticed, predominantly my arched back which I've always struggled with! Following his routine and going through the exercises, I'm gradually beginning to see improvements in my posture and increase my strength endurance. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a personal trainer that will aid you in finding a workout and nutrition plan that's suited for more
Alison S.
Martin is the best! He’s great at teaching how to exercise... properly, makes it fun, and takes your overall health into account. Very positive, encouraging, and more
Stan H.
In my books Martin is a 5-star trainer. He is positive,... motivating, prepared and professional. I've been working with Martin for 18 months and in many ways was a beginner to the gym. I came with very specific goals related to my sport. The first program was very basic but Martin never gave me a hint of that at the time.. His perspective is simply one of looking forward and of making progressive gains. He is a stickler for technique, ensuring you understand what is proper and expected, emphasizing the importance of technique over weight or reps.Consequently I've not lost any time to injuries and my progress has been steady.. I do not workout with Martin --- he gives me a program and instructs me how to execute the exercises. Several times he has prepared a 'gym-free' program for when I am away from a gym. Martin's programs are comprehensive, progressive and creative --- he has no lack of ability to improvise and to adapt to requirements. (His programs include a stretch routine.!!)I'm very confident that Martin has the skill and expertise to support anyone in their fitness goals. And while direct and clear, he is not a drill sergeant. He's a very friendly positive guy who enthusiastically supports you to do the work that's needed to more
Dave M.
Martin is a great coach and trainer, and an all-around awesome... guy!

I had the pleasure of working with Martin (as a fellow independent personal trainer) for a few months out of Club 16 and I enjoyed seeing him every day so upbeat and enthusiastic about working with his clients and training towards his own personal fitness goals. He's definitely a trainer who practices what he preaches. He was one of the only other trainers who I saw on a daily basis training hard with clients and towards their own fitness goals in the gym...

Safe to say, if you're considering working with Martin/IRON Lab S&C for your fitness goals, you should do it! You'll see great results and enjoy working with a positive, energetic and knowledgeable coach.

Martin gets my highest regards!
read more
Terry J.
Four years ago I was healing a broken arm and a hand that had... damaged muscles and torn tendons, resulting in no strength, no grasping capabilities and pain beyond belief. My physiotherapist recommended I see Martin Voslar as a strength trainer. She had such faith in him and soon, so did I.I have been training with Martin ever since and I am thrilled to say he has restored my hand strength to normal and has increased my overall strength in my entire body. Today I am stronger than I have ever been and I owe it all to Martin. He is meticulous to detail in how he prepares my lesson and watches me during my training session to be sure I am executing each exercise properly.I would highly recommend Martin Voslar as your Personal Trainer. Martin is committed to my success in the gym and in life away from the gym. Martin is pleasant, funny, conscientious, meticulous, friendly, knowledgable, sincere and genuine. He cares about each of us. He is so comfortable to be with. He has such respect for me that he encourages me to want to do better and be better. Thank you Martin - you are a class act!read more
Della G.
When I originally went to Martin my plan was to just get a kick... start because i quit going to the gym for 6 months.My few sessions turned into a few years. I continued to go because I think he is a fantastic trainer. I've been going to the gym for over 30 years and have had various trainers, Martin's knowledge and care for his clients is superior. He is by far the best trainer I've ever had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone I knowread more
Merich G.
Martin is a great trainer to work with because he is... professional, kind and very knowledgeable. He knows how to motivate people, and makes each training sessions fun and challenging at the same time. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as your personal trainer if you want to achieve your fitness more
Caroline W.
Martin is a fantastic trainer. My husband and I have been seeing... him for four years. He's always been focused on our wholistic health. He's a wonderful balance of motivating and caring at the same time. He's pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. I know that I'm healthier and stronger because I've worked with Martin. I highly recommend him to more
I've been working with Martin for over 3 year and have been so... very pleased with the results I have seen. It’s been a great time . He is meticulous, prepared, professional, caring while firm to push one to achieve ones best. I would highly recommend Martin to anyone who is looking for that caring trainer that allows you to perform at your best Thank you Martinread more
Had my breakthrough session with the best personal trainer in... Vancouver in terms of consultation and physical assessment, it actually feels like he is a physiotherapist, I would have not have a single problem recommending clients to Martin Voslar because I know they got the best Personal Trainer in business while he emphasizes the fact that the goal is to educate clients enough to self-train. the holistic no BS approach by this guys philosophy is fantastic, it's just too bad denman fitness is closing down and now he's moving onto Club 16 at waterfront place which you have to pay bi weekly fees for the gym membership, you should really open your own gym when you can Martin!read more
Lesley A.
My husband and I worked with Martin with the goal of getting fit... for our wedding day! Going into it we both had numbers in our minds of how much we wanted to weigh by the date. Martin helped us see past those numbers on the scale and shift our focus to looking and feeling great, while increasing strength, improving posture and sleeping better. We tackled proper form, varied and challenging workouts, healthy eating and macro tracking while using measurements to track our progress and milestones. After 5 months of training not only did we look and feel great on our wedding day, but we’re stronger, fitter and proud of our accomplishments. Not to mention, we more than reached the numbers we wanted to see on the scale too 😉 I can’t recommend Martin enough!read more
Michelle C.
We had a group session with Martin in the studio. It was... challenging but lots of fun. Exactly what you need when working out. Thank you more
Victoria B.
Martin's holistic approach to strength and fitness are... fantastic. I was first referred to Martin after a bad back was keeping me from any fitness at all. I've worked with Martin for two years now and over that time I've gone from really limited movements, to full movement including a return to running! Martin works towards whole body strength, and is such a joy to work with. I would definitely recommend Martin for a program totally tailored to your personal more
Mike R.
What can I say about Martin that a five star rating doesn't?... I've been training with him for almost two years. His enthusiasm and smile is infectious. His knowledge is decades deep and his attention to detail and concern for his clients is obvious and comforting. I would absolutely recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking to change their life or the way they more
Todd F.
The care with which Martin designs his clients' training... regiments is second to none. The program he designed for me was specifically attuned to my needs as a professional mover. He emphasized areas of my conditioning that are lacking and it has greatly increased my productivity, especially outside of work. Highly more
Erin R.
I can't remember having such a motivating, fun experience in a... gym. Martin and Dustin are amazingly knowledgeable and helped me push through a hell of a great workout. You absolutely must work out with these guys!read more
Patricia C.
I am thrilled to be doing post MVA rehab training with Martin... and I love the positive changes I'm seeing in my body and health. I've worked with many other trainers over the years and nobody has matched the incredible knowledge base and passionate motivation that Martin has. He has the key to making each session both challenging and super fun! Martin is an absolute joy to work with and I look forward to each more
Robert T.
I attended several Iron Lab Strength and conditioning classes... and they were amazing! I highly recommend the classes, the attention to detail by Martin and the trainers were second to none. The classes were upbeat, fun and more
Pete S.
I have enjoyed a number of Martin's classes and really enjoy him... as a person as well as a trainer... he really puts the extra effort in to understand his clients and make them feel as comfortable as possible... he even did a great job helping my pregnant wife figuring out a training more
Sarah G.
I can say without a doubt working with Martin has changed my... life! He took the time to understand my goals and challenges and created a supportive, encouraging program that I loved. I learned to enjoy exercise, understand the nutrition my body needed and finally saw results. I felt like I had tried everything and never saw any changes. That changed after a year training with Martin. He helped me understand how to reach my goals, tracked my progress and encouraged me whenever I needed it. His friendly, honest approach kept me on track and accountable to my goals. I'm so happy that I took the time and money to invest in myself in this area of life. I found once my health started to improve all other areas of my life fell inline. Thank you so much Martin for helping me reach my goals and push further than I thought was possible!read more
indu B.
Martin is a fantastic trainer! He challenges you to be your very... best. He is knowledge based and has excellent focus on form to ensure your achieving what you set out to do. Martin is root cause vs. symptom focused, working with you to figure out what may be holding you back from achieving your goals be it nutrition or health. And… above that, he is interesting and more
Russel H.
After a 5 years of struggle with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome... and having no luck with physiotherapy I began a strength training routine with Martin. After a year of slow but steady gains my knees were healthy again. I'm doing 4 hour mountain hikes, riding a bike and have almost forgotten how hard it was to do simple things like sitting in a chair for more than 5 minutes. This was by far the best investment of money and time in my entire more
Matt S.
Martin is by far and away one of the best personal trainers in... Vancouver. When you combine his knowledge with his personality, you're not only going to accomplish your goals, but you're going to love every minute of your session with him. If you're looking for a personal trainer, look no further than Martin and Iron Lab Strength and more
Abu S.
I have been training with Martin for just a little over a year... now, and results have been amazing. Martin has been very supportive and understanding of more
Peter S.
On that tenth pull-up it is really hard to love Martin... Argh.... But through all the swearing under my breath he manages to get me to finish. I've had more
Leanne H.
C W.
Erin S.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Iron Lab trainers different?

Iron Lab trainers are the top 1% of personal trainers in Vancouver.

All of our coaches were selected from a large number of applicants and had to pass knowledge and coaching skills requirements and an interpersonal and communication abilities test.

Most importantly, Iron Lab coaches are passionate, care for their clients, and lead by example. Our coaches live and breathe what they teach you, and it shows—just read up on our Google reviews or check out our client’s results pages.

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How many times per week should I be training?

Your coach will suggest the optimal training frequency that not only delivers the results you’re after but also takes into consideration your budget, lifestyle and schedule. It could be anywhere from 1 to 3 times per week.

Which trainer will I be working with?

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges, and based on that, we’ll suggest which coach would be the most suitable for you. This will be based on their unique skills and selecting which personality and character will match yours the best.

You always have the option to change your coach if you feel your personalities don’t match.

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I have worked with a personal trainer/coach before. How would this be different?

A lot of coaches promise results. We guarantee them.

Our comprehensive coaching system includes training, nutrition, mindset, sleep and stress management. It has been continuously tested and refined over the past 14 years. We know what needs to be done to achieve results and can see right away what may be standing in your way. 

We help you deal with the sources of your challenges once and for all and teach you life skills so you can ultimately become your own coach.

How do I know your coaching will work for me?

Our coaching system has been tested and updated consistently over the past 14 years. We’ve helped over 500 clients achieve incredible results, and we also learned the hard way when things did not go as planned.

Everything we do is custom-tailored to your unique needs and goals, giving you the highest chance of success. We only design and suggest strategies that are doable for you at the current stage of your fitness and health journey.

You can find out if you are a good candidate for our coaching by booking a complimentary Zoom consultation here, where we discuss your challenges and goals and a plan to achieve them.

How fast will I see results?

The moment you become consistent following the plan you and your coach created together, you will start seeing results. This can be as early as 1 to 2 weeks into your program. The more consistent and passionate you are about your body and health, the faster and more consistent results you will see.

Is there a minimum time I have to commit to?

When you follow a proven training system, you can achieve dramatic results in a very short amount of time. However, we ask for at least 90 days of commitment to show you what you can really achieve when you put your mind and heart into it.

How can you guarantee results?

We’re the only personal training company in Vancouver that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results or our services after the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

How can we be the only fitness coaching company with a money-back guarantee? Where is the catch? There is no catch. Quite the opposite. We are very open and honest about who we work with and how we do it.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss our coaching approach and find out if you’re a good fit. If you are, then we can guarantee your results. It’s that simple. 

The main reasons why other companies can’t offer this guarantee are that they lack the knowledge of how to achieve results, their coaches are not skilled enough, they do not care enough, or they’re not able to be honest with their clients. 

What if I don’t live in Vancouver?

No worries! We offer Online Coaching and Virtual Training Sessions (1:1 sessions via Zoom) to keep you on track. The same accountability, tracking, nutrition and all-inclusive coaching applies wherever you live.

What is the cost?

We offer many different packages depending on your goals and challenges.

We custom design your coaching plan so it addresses your biggest obstacles and provides the support you need to succeed. Because of that, we have a wide range of investment options. Our 30-day money-back guarantee eliminates any risks on your side. Let us prove to you why we can offer such a bold guarantee and why we deserve our 5-star ratings.

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Is a personal trainer worth it?

An excellent personal trainer will give you the tools to train safely and effectively, get the right nutrition, keep you accountable, and help you get results. So yes, we absolutely believe a personal trainer is worth it.

Personal training with Iron Lab is an investment in your health that will pay off for the rest of your life. But don’t just take our word for it; you can see what our clients have to say here.

Plus, we’re the only personal training company in Vancouver that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results or our services after the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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