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Josh C.
Martin's determination and drive to make his clients reach their goals is unmatched. After a few months of nutrition and online personal training, I saw significant weight loss and built health habits that have carried me on for months after training. Already a great trainer, he is constantly improving and innovating his practice. I've seen a handful of trainers over the years and am confident in highly recommending Martin for others.
Josh C.
Martin's determination and drive to make his clients reach their... goals is unmatched. After a few months of nutrition and online personal training, I saw significant weight loss and built health habits that have carried me on for months after training. Already a great trainer, he is constantly improving and innovating his practice. I've seen a handful of trainers over the years and am confident in highly recommending Martin for more
Kate N.
I have been working with Charlotte virtually since July and I... cannot thank her enough for her nutritional guidance, structured training and overall support. I can truly say this program has changed my life forever. When I first started out the program, I was very unmotivated, felt like I lost the person I was both physically and mentally and stopped enjoying the simple things in life like choosing what to wear, or doing my makeup. Throughout the duration of my training journey, I have lost almost 15lbs. Iron labs was the best decision I could’ve made. Charlotte is always very understanding, and really helped me to push myself to my limits and never give up. This program helped me to achieve personal goals and take full accountability in my life. As this was my first time doing any sort of individual training, I didn’t know exactly what to expect but Charlotte and the program she had in place surpassed all my expectations. I would highly recommend this program. Thank you so much for everything Charlotte!read more
Matt K.
I cannot understate how big of an impact Iron Lab has made on my... life. In just three months I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength, but most importantly I feel fantastic.In the past my attempts to get into shape were always hampered by feeling overwhelmed with different training regimens and conflicting information I found online. I worried that maybe I just didn't 'get' fitness.With the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of gyms, the prospect of getting into shape felt even more daunting to me then ever before. But then I reached out to Iron Lab. Between virtual training sessions, online planning, and in-gym private sessions (which are practiced in a very safe manner during the pandemic) I have been able make a huge amount of progress faster than I thought I could, and it's progress that feels truly sustainable!For me, finding out that I'm capable of making such great strides has been just as satisfying as actually making them. Learning proper technique has left me with a genuine love of exercising that has really changed my whole perspective.I've worked with Charlotte as well as Martin on occasion, and I have found both of them to be absolutely 10/10, outstanding trainers. I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation!read more
Dana Smith, R.
Martin is a brilliant trainer. I, without hesitation, recommend... him. For those seeking someone to teach you excellent form, be in non-egotistical company, and want to benefit from an incredibly optimistic attitude: this is your guy. He’s an excellent human, and skilled trainer.Since COVID19, he has quickly pivoted his coaching to the online space. I've had the pleasure of witnessing my partner work with him weekly in this way with incredible results. Martin is still able to correct form and provide the careful coaching that he has done in person until now. There's nothing like being in Martin's awesome presence, but Skype is pretty darn close!Wishing Martin all the very best!read more
Jonathan M.
Martin Voslar is simply one-of-a-kind when it comes to personal... training. I'm pretty late to the strength and conditioning game, but Martin's non-judgmental, responsive, tailored, and growth-oriented approach has me on a path committed to my own physical health and wellbeing.I've worked with Martin for four years, but really intensified my work with him during the pandemic response here in BC. Martin was quick to pivot to virtual personal training and we have met without fail weekly since March. Training virtually online has helped me to experience huge gains in my confidence and strength.Martin has a powerful approach to his training with clients. He truly meets you where you are at and you always know he's in your corner without fail, even when you stumble, forget to do your homework, or fall behind. This approach is incredibly motivating for someone who has felt pretty disconnected from physical activity ever since high school. And it has paid off. With consistent food tracking, evolving workouts, and some solid training goals on the horizon, I've experienced true change and a new appreciation for strengthening my body.In-person and online, Martin is fantastic. If you don't know where to start, if your confidence is in short supply, and you're wanting a trainer who'll design a program completely around you, give Martin a try. He'll help you start with an amazing foundation focused on form and you'll go from strength to strength.Thank you Martin for what and how you more
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Personal Trainer Vancouver working with client

Our approach is built on 4 foundational pillars

Hand Holding Weight


A program built for your current abilities that makes you stronger every week

✔ Learn how to do each exercise and where in your body you should feel it
✔ Know how to spot incorrect form and how to adjust it right away
✔ Experience progress each week with the guidance of your trainer



A healthy, sustainable eating plan that fits your lifestyle and delivers fast results

✔ Learn to eat in a sustainable way that accelerates your fitness goals
✔ Your nutrition plan will accommodate any dietary restrictions
✔ Discover ways to eat healthy that are delicious and enjoyable

Idea Forming in Head


Psychological strategies to skyrocket your motivation and reduce your negative self-talk

✔ Learn strategies to be consistent in the gym that accommodate your existing commitments
✔ Shift how you think about exercise—you’ll work hard and you’ll have fun 😊
✔ Become kinder to yourself

Yoga Mat Rolling Out


Scientific methods to help you de-stress and optimize your sleep so you can look and feel your best

✔ Learn how to take care of yourself physically outside of the gym
✔ Know when it’s time to take a break and how to prevent injury
✔ Get recovery exercises to do between sessions when applicable

How it works

Martin Voslar Personal Trainer Vancouver
Female personal trainer Charlotte standing and smiling with male head trainer Martin
Personal Trainer Vancouver working with client

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is online coaching different from personal training?

Personal training is typically only in person at a personal training studio or home gym. It addresses an important part of fitness—the technical skills of how to perform exercises correctly and with the right intensity. However, it doesn’t address what happens after the sessions end.

Will you continue to apply healthy habits and eat healthy, nutritious food? Will you stay active when you don’t have a personal training session booked? What you do outside of the gym often makes or breaks your progress. That’s why all of our services include an online coaching component and why you can achieve incredible results even if you aren’t located in Vancouver, BC and can’t see us in person.

What makes Iron Lab trainers different?

Iron Lab trainers are the top 1% of personal trainers in Vancouver.

All of our coaches were selected from a large number of applicants and had to pass knowledge and coaching skills requirements and an interpersonal and communication abilities test.

Most importantly, Iron Lab coaches are passionate, care for their clients, and lead by example. Our coaches live and breathe what they teach you, and it shows—just read up on our Google reviews or check out our client’s results pages.

Meet the Iron Lab team here.

Which trainer will I be working with?

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your specific goals and challenges, and based on that, we’ll suggest which coach would be the most suitable for you. This will be based on their unique skills and selecting which personality and character will match yours the best.

You always have the option to change your coach if you feel your personalities don’t match.

Get to know the Iron Lab team here.

I have worked with an online coach before. How would this be different?

A lot of coaches promise results. We guarantee them.

Our comprehensive coaching system includes training, nutrition, mindset, sleep and stress management. It has been continuously tested and refined over the past 14 years. We know what needs to be done to achieve results and can see right away what may be standing in your way. 

We help you deal with the sources of your challenges once and for all and teach you life skills so you can ultimately become your own coach.

How do I know your coaching will work for me?

Our coaching system has been tested and updated consistently over the past 14 years. We’ve helped over 500 clients achieve incredible results, and we also learned the hard way when things did not go as planned.

Everything we do is custom-tailored to your unique needs and goals, giving you the highest chance of success. We only design and suggest strategies that are doable for you at the current stage of your fitness and health journey.

You can find out if you are a good candidate for our coaching by booking a complimentary Zoom consultation here, where we discuss your challenges and goals and a plan to achieve them.

How fast will I see results?

The moment you become consistent following the plan you and your coach created together, you will start seeing results. This can be as early as 1 to 2 weeks into your program. The more consistent and passionate you are about your body and health, the faster and more consistent results you will see.

Is there a minimum time I have to commit to?

When you follow a proven training system, you can achieve dramatic results in a very short amount of time. However, we ask for at least 90 days of commitment to show you what you can really achieve when you put your mind and heart into it.

How can you guarantee results?

We’re the only personal training company in Vancouver that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your results or our services after the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

How can we be the only fitness coaching company with a money-back guarantee? Where is the catch? There is no catch. Quite the opposite. We are very open and honest about who we work with and how we do it.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss our coaching approach and find out if you’re a good fit. If you are, then we can guarantee your results. It’s that simple. 

The main reasons why other companies can’t offer this guarantee are that they lack the knowledge of how to achieve results, their coaches are not skilled enough, they do not care enough, or they’re not able to be honest with their clients. 

What is the cost?

We offer many different packages depending on your goals and challenges.

We custom design your coaching plan so it addresses your biggest obstacles and provides the support you need to succeed. Because of that, we have a wide range of investment options. Our 30-day money-back guarantee eliminates any risks on your side. Let us prove to you why we can offer such a bold guarantee and why we deserve our 5-star ratings.

If you’re intrigued by what working with us would look like, click here to schedule your free zero-obligation call.

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