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Iron Lab is the most affordable, flexible and convenient way to get in the best shape of your life with an online fitness trainer!

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Reach your fitness goals with an online personal training program

Weight loss program

Online personal training programs will help you lose weight safely and for good. Fit better into your clothes, reshape your body, but most of all FEEL better.

Muscle building program

Let our online fitness coaches help you gain some mass and get stronger through online personal training in Vancouver.

Improve your life with the right trainer

Interested in all-around fitness and health improvements? We’ve got you covered with your personal training online.

What are the benefits of an online fitness coach?


Achieve your results faster with the guidance, accountability and support of an online fitness professional.


The cost of all-inclusive online fitness coaching for an entire month is about the same as 3 in-person sessions


Although we are online personal trainers in Vancouver, you train at your preferred time and at your preferred location.


Train at any time of the day, any day of the week, you’re the boss. Your trainer adjusts your program based on your needs thanks to a wide range of exercise and nutrition plans.


Your online fitness coach is here to keep you on track and never let you fail. No matter your fitness background, we can all benefit from extra motivation during a workout!


You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Your coach is here 24/7 to answer any questions and keep you progressing.

How it works

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With evidence-based methods of strength training and nutritional science, you get personalized habit-based online coaching that transforms short term fitness goals into life-changing results.

Our online fitness coaching is all-inclusive and guaranteed to get you results.


Owner and Founder

SPECIALTY: Muscle and Strength Building


Coaching Director and Online Coach

SPECIALTY: Online Coaching, Fat Loss, and Body Transformations


Virtual Trainer and Online Coach

SPECIALTY: Mindset, behaviour change, and working with all ages 

I was on the three month online fitness coaching plan with Charlotte and she was EXACTLY the type of trainer I needed. […] I’ve dealt with disordered eating before and she never made me do anything to trigger my past. […] I went from an XL shirt to a small and down a few pant sizes as well, but the best part is that I FEEL good. I have so much more energy and actually look forward to my work outs. […] Iron Lab is the only place that’s made me feel like their programs and trainers work with you.



Choose virtual personal training sessions

Can’t train at our Vancouver studio? No problem, we offer services to every fitness enthusiast, no matter where they are!


Do your workout sessions out of your living room, a condo gym or outdoors, your personal trainer is right there with you.


Your personal trainer will make sure your exercise form is correct; and you’re giving it your all.


Your workout appointment with your trainer will make you show up and do the work. No excuses in one-on-one coaching!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an online personal trainer cost?

Budget approximately $400-$800 per month for an online personal trainer, covering comprehensive coaching including training, nutrition, recovery programs, ongoing feedback, one-on-one sessions, and unlimited support.

The cost of an online personal trainer varies based on qualifications, expertise, package type, and services offered. Factors like certifications, experience, and specialized knowledge affect the cost. 

Does online personal training work?

Yes, online personal training is effective for fitness goals and health improvement. Just like regular in-person training, virtual coaches provide remote coaching and support through tailored activities and exercises. Online trainers create personalized workouts, design plans, and offer guidance via video or written instructions to facilitate your fitness journey: strength training, cardiovascular exercises, even flexibility exercises can be included!

Online training tracks progress, monitors workouts and activities, provides real-time feedback, and adjusts training plans accordingly.

Nutrition coaching and personalized plans are also available. Self-motivation and discipline are necessary, and the convenience and flexibility of online training benefit busy lifestyles.

Is an online personal trainer worth it?

Online training offers convenience, flexibility, and easy access to knowledgeable trainers!

  • They provide guidance, support, and accountability.
  • Personalized training programs, expert advice on exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments are offered.
  • Online training is advantageous for those with limited time or travel constraints.
  • Trainers with certifications and extensive knowledge adapt to different fitness levels. 

The value of an online personal trainer depends on preferences, goals, and circumstances. It’s important to assess the cost-benefit ratio. Reading reviews, checking testimonials, and researching qualifications and reputation help determine worth. 

Iron Lab is the only personal training company in Vancouver offering a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If you’re not happy with your results or our services after the first 30 days, we refund all your money back. No questions asked!

How many times a week should I be training?

To optimize your fitness goals, training 2-4 days per week is recommended based on your experience, goals, and recovery abilities. Your fitness coach will suggest the best training frequency after your initial consultation and assessment!

How fast will I see results?

Visible changes in your body can be expected within the first 2 weeks of virtual training with Iron Lab, and sometimes faster with the right nutrition coaching! The more effort you dedicate to training, nutrition, and recovery, the faster you’ll witness results.

Is there a minimum training time I have to commit?

While significant results can be achieved in a short time with a proven training system, we request a minimum commitment of 30 days to evaluate the effectiveness for you.

How do I know it will work for me?

With our 12 years of experience and numerous successful clients, we are confident in our training methods. We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, ensuring zero risk. If unsatisfied with results or services within 30 days, you’ll receive a refund.

How do I know if Iron Lab is the right fit for me?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute Zoom consultation. We’ll discuss your fitness goals, challenges, and recommend strategies tailored to you. No high-pressure sales, just honest advice from a fitness professional.

Should I choose in-person training on online training?

Advantages of in-person training

When it comes to personal training, online trainers offer convenience, privacy, and portability, all at a lower cost compared to in-person trainers. With online training, you have access to a wider range of professionals, increasing your chances of finding the perfect personal trainer who meets your expectations. However, before committing to an online trainer, it’s essential to inquire about their credentials, experience, and education, typically available on their online profiles. Do not hesitate to reach out to Iron Lab’s team should you have any questions!

PS: Iron Lab also offers in-person training at their private gym in Vancouver!

Advantages of virtual training

Virtual personal training offers numerous advantages for those seeking fitness guidance from the comfort of their homes! It provides convenience, flexibility, and privacy, allowing individuals to work out at their preferred time and location. These advantages make virtual training the perfect solution for busy professionals, parents, individuals with limited mobility or transportation, and those who prefer a more private workout environment. 

With virtual personal training, expert trainers can deliver customized workouts, track progress, offer real-time feedback, and provide ongoing support, making it a highly effective and accessible option for achieving fitness goals!

How can we help you to fast track your results?

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