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There are many personal trainers in Vancouver and finding THE ONE who can help you achieve your health and fitness goals can be very confusing, challenging, and time consuming. 

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Lose Weight

Have you tried all the latest diets, high intensity fitness classes and yet do not see the scale moving? Our knowledgeable and friendly trainers will not only guide you through a workout or give you a meal plan. They will help you create a nutrition strategy that is sustainable yet produces the results you are after.

build muscle and get stronger

Whether your goal is to build muscle tone or achieve a bodybuilder physique, our private personal training will help you get there regardless of your current fitness level. Our highly recommended personal trainers ensure you will progress without injuries or muscle imbalances and will achieve the look and strength you desire.

live a better life

When aches and pain prevent you from doing what you love, life is not fun. Our mission is to help you do what you love while feeling your best. Our rehabilitation-focused personal training in Vancouver helps you get back to doing your activities pain-free sooner and staying injury-free no matter where you start.

personal training 2.0

Your personal training sessions are just one part of our coaching. We include custom-tailored nutrition plans, home workouts, and weekly progress tracking in the convenience of a phone app and MUCH more…

Your personal training sessions are just ONE part of our coaching. We include custom-tailored nutrition plans, home workouts, and weekly progress tracking in the convenience of a phone app and MUCH more…

Achieve your fitness and health goals from the comfort of your home. We can even offer virtual training sessions to make sure your exercise technique is perfect.

Online Coaching

Achieve your fitness and health goals from the comfort of your home. We can even offer virtual training sessions to make sure your exercise technique is perfect.


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OUr client's results


You book a consultation

During the 20 minute Zoom call we discuss if we are the right fit working together and find out more about your current fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits and how they align with your fitness goals.

We design your unique coaching program

Based on the information from Step 1 and an in-person assessment we design your strength training, nutrition, stress management and accountability program and deliver it via the phone app.

We start working together in and out of the gym

We are with you every step of the way. We teach you how to perform exercises correctly and with the right intensity. We determine what is the best nutrition approach for you and how to stay motivated.

You live your fittest and happiest life

Exercising and eating healthy is now part of your life and you no longer need motivation. You know how to exercise correctly and efficiently while enjoying healthy food yet not feeling you are restricting yourself.






Your body, mind, lifestyle, and your fitness goals are as unique as you are. 
To achieve your goals our training services have to be holistic and comprehensive.

  • Evidence-based strength training programs
  • Proven nutrition science
  • Personalized habit-based coaching
  • Your unique body, mind and lifestyle

we create a customized plan based on how you:


Posture, Movement, Mobility, Strength


Nutrition Habits and Behaviour, Digestion, Food Sensitivities


Stress management, Self-care, Sleep, Recovery


Mindset, Readiness to Change, Habits, Motivation



An exercise program that is built to your current abilities yet makes you stronger every week.


A healthy sustainable eating plan that fits your lifestyle yet delivers fast results to live your best life.


Psychological strategies that skyrocket your motivation and reduce your negative self-talk.


Scientific methods optimizing your sleep an de-stress you so you can look and feel your best.

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We identify which areas need most of your attention and then prioritize your daily healthy habits accordingly so you can achieve your fitness goals faster yet sustainably and predictably.

Our highly skilled coaches craft a unique coaching protocol designed to address your specific situation. This plan includes your one-on-one personal training sessions at our great gym, homework workout plans, nutrition coaching, and recovery, stress management and mind strategies.

To make sure your success is guaranteed, your personal trainer will check with you weekly to answer any questions and provide feedback or adjustments . You will always have guidance and support when you need it so that every week you are progressing forward closer to your health goals.

iron lab promise guarantee results

There are a lot of choices for personal training in Vancouver and we are proud to be the only personal training company in Vancouver offering a No questions asked” 30 days Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident in our proprietary coaching system we are not afraid to put money on the line to prove its effectiveness. If you are not happy with your results or our services in the first 30 days, we will refund ALL your money back.

Iron lab FAQ

Have a question? We may have the answer

Between the two of us we have over 15 years of personal training experience. We are fully certified personal trainers (BCRPA and CanFitPro certified) and to hold those certifications we are required to take up to date continuing education courses. You are in experienced and capable hands.  

Many personal trainers and online fitness coaches promise results. We guarantee them! As a team in Vancouver personal training we bring together our diverse knowledge, skills and experiences to to help great variety of clients achieve them their unique fitness and health goals. We are continuously working on improving our skills and knowledge and let our client’s results speak for ourselves.

The fitness industry is full of fad diets, gimmick, tricks, and quite simply, lies. At Iron Lab we only offer you honest and straight forward advice. Our training and nutrition approach is based on science and proven by what we see on a gym floor.  There is no quick fix, but with us you get long lasting, sustainable and permanent results. 

Using a private personal trainer helps you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. You can expect to start seeing changes in your body in the first 2 weeks of working with us. The more effort you put in (in training, nutrition and recovery), the faster you will see your results.

Results may vary, and to be frank they all depend on your commitment and effort. Other factors such as genetics, physiological adaptation to strength training, consistency, your stress level, nutritional quality will affect your progress, however it is not about what you can accomplish in 2 weeks it is more about what can you do in a year or 10 years from now that is what matter. We are here to help you to achieve results that will last a life time.

When you follow a proven training system, you can achieve dramatic results in a very short amount of time. However, we ask for at least 30 days of working with us before you make judgments if things are working for you. 

We have worked with many clients over the past 12 years and helped them achieve outstanding results. We are so confident in our training methods we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your results or our services in the first 30 days, you will get your money back. It is zero risk for you. 

Yes! It is real and it is not a gimmick. We stand by our training, and if you follow through with what we prescribe we guarantee to get you results.

Click on the button below and schedule your complimentary 15 minute Zoom virtual consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your fitness and health goals, your biggest challenges, and suggest the best strategy going forward to achieve your fitness and health goals. No high-pressure sales call, just honest advice from a fitness professional.

Our Hybrid Training Program or Online Training Programs are perfect for those that travel. We develop fully functional programs that are built based on the equipment you have available. The same accountability, workout tracking, nutritional guidance and coaching is all mobile and travels with you wherever you go. 

No worries there! You can still have access to the best personal trainers in Vancouver. We offer Online Coaching as well as Virtual Training Sessions (1:1 sessions via Zoom) to keep you on track. The same accountability, tracking, nutrition and all-inclusive  coaching applies no matter where you live. 

Both our Hybrid Coaching and Online Coaching services include nutrition coaching at no additional cost. Without paying attention to nutrition it would be difficult to achieve your fitness and health goals. We  do not prescribe to a specific diet “camp”. We are not low carb, keto or high carb etc. We help you find a nutrition approach that fits YOUR lifestyle and support your fitness goals, while making sure it is healthy and sustainable. No extreme diets or cookie cutter meal plans here.

Nope! No membership required. You are safe at a private personal training studio and we are available to train you 7 days a week.

No, our focus and attention is 100% on you. Small group training does not allow for undivided attention to ensure the proper exercise technique and training intensity you deserve. If applicable, we offer 2:1 training based on unique circumstances. 

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For over 10 years we have been obsessed with helping our clients achieve their fitness and health goals. Whether it is online or in-person, our goal has always been delivering custom-tailored coaching that guarantees results.

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