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Brian’s 10 month program with Iron Lab got him incredible results! Down 60lbs and he is still going strong now on his own, taking what he has learned and applying it in his daily life.

“Iron Labs literally changed how to live a healthier life. I was 225 pounds, did not work out/exercise, and loved eating (still do). But after 10 months, I lost 60 pounds, developed good eating habits, and incorporated workouts in my busy schedule … I highly recommend Iron Lab, as they give you perspective and knowledge on food, exercises, and healthy habit… all personalized to you and your schedule.”

–  Brian


Hybrid Coaching

Matt started with Virtual Zoom sessions and progressed to Hybrid Training with Charlotte and has achieved significant fat loss and posture improvements. Way to go Matt!

I cannot understate how big of an impact Iron Lab has made on my life. In just three months I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength, but most importantly I feel fantastic … I’ve worked with Charlotte as well as Martin on occasion, and I have found both of them to be absolutely 10/10, outstanding trainers. I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation!”

–  Matt


Adam’s 7 month journey with Iron Lab’s personal training in Vancouver finally got him the results he’d been searching for.

“Martin helped me transform my body from weak and broken to strong and resilient, a journey that I’ve begun 10 times in the past 15 years, but never managed to complete do to injury. His common sense approach and holistic framing of health was a breath of fresh air. I am living a lower stress life, on more sleep, fuelled by healthier foods, and capable of enjoying physical activities – Incredible.

–  Adam

12 week fitness challenge result


12 week online challenge

“Martin is just great. He is always positive and knows how to push you when you are lazy by giving you extremely positive encouragement. When it comes to actual training he is very good at recognizing small muscle groups and areas where you need improvement in order to achieve your fitness goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get a better version of themselves, and do it right.

–  Jon


“Martin was able to help me loose approximately 20lbs over 3 months of coaching. I learned of the importance of accounting for my caloric intake as is relates to my daily expenditures … I also learned a great deal in terms of technique, when it comes to weight lifting.

With a focus on proper form, correct preparation, and joint mobility I was able to make great advances in the weight room, and am able to really enjoy working out without injuries or undue strain.

I would highly recommend Martin as a trainer, as he is very knowledgeable, and places a lot of attention to detail.”

–  Nicandro

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