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brian a
Iron Labs literally changed how to live a healthier life. I was 225 pounds, did not work out/exercise, and loved eating (still do). But after 10 months, I lost 60 pounds, developed good eating habits, and incorporated workouts in my busy schedule. I started on a diet program, then slowly progressed to strength over the coures of a year. I highly recommend Iron Labs, as they give you perspective and knowledge on food, exercises, and healthy habit..... all personalized to you and your schedule.
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Matt K.
I cannot understate how big of an impact Iron Lab has made on my life. In just three months I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength, but most importantly I feel fantastic.In the past my attempts to get into shape were always hampered by feeling overwhelmed with different training regimens and conflicting information I found online. I worried that maybe I just didn't 'get' fitness.With the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of gyms, the prospect of getting into shape felt even more daunting to me then ever before. But then I reached out to Iron Lab. Between virtual training sessions, online planning, and in-gym private sessions (which are practiced in a very safe manner during the pandemic) I have been able make a huge amount of progress faster than I thought I could,... and it's progress that feels truly sustainable!For me, finding out that I'm capable of making such great strides has been just as satisfying as actually making them. Learning proper technique has left me with a genuine love of exercising that has really changed my whole perspective.I've worked with Charlotte as well as Martin on occasion, and I have found both of them to be absolutely 10/10, outstanding trainers. I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation!read more
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Adam O.
I've been working with Martin for 18 weeks now, and I honestly couldn't recommend a better trainer to help someone like myself who is looking to transition to a healthy lifestyle. Right from our first discussion about my goal of being a pain free and healthy person for the rest of my life, his philosophy and expertise on how to get there was so reasonable, I felt like I had found someone with the knowledge and skills to get me to the promised land.
A bit about me: I'm middle aged overweight guy with a history of major hip, low back, elbow, feet, and shoulder injuries. Every couple years, I get sick of being broken and out of shape and try to get moving and eat healthy. Each time I've started to get active I've injured myself and slipped back to eating tonnes of crap as an emotional... support.

Martin's help has solved the two major road blocks to my goal of living a healthy lifestyle.
1. Expert movement evaluation and tool kit of mobility work to help me solve pain. With his guidance and the help of my excellent Chiro, RMT, and Acupuncturist if I felt some stiffness, pain, or soreness, I communicated it to Martin and he would trouble shoot the issue and prescribe mobility work to address. When I would have an appointment with one of my health care providers, Martin's diagnosis and prescribed remedies were in perfect alignment with their professional opinions, which gave me a lot of confidence in Martin. The result? We've successfully built strength in my posterior chain and core without a major back injury. For the first time since I was 12, I have a strong back and feel confident in it. This result is priceless for me.
2. A simple, common sense approach to nutrition that has made it possible for me to exchange my poor eating habits for great ones easily, no crazy will power required. When I used to try to eat better I would do a restrictive type diet like Paleo or the Whole 30, and they would make me miserable and I wouldn't be able to continue to comply. His approach of working to have proper portion sizes (unlimited veg, palm sized portion of protein, handful sized portion of carbs, and a thumb sized portion of fat), recording what I eat (I take pictures), and introducing moderation over weeks for my trouble food (ice cream) has been magical for me. Within two weeks I was eating 1/30 of the amount of ice cream I used to be consuming, feeling good about the change as I went. Now I eat a teaspoon of ice cream each night, relishing it, and appreciating how far I've come. Again, absolutely priceless.

Martin's honesty, transparency, knowledge, and experience add up to him being an unstoppable force for health in my life and I can't thank him enough. Money, time, and energy well spent, thanks Martin!
read more
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Can T.
Martin is just great. He is always positive and knows how to push you when you are lazy by giving you extremely positive encouragement. When it comes to actual training he is very good at recognizing small muscle groups and areas where you need improvement in order to achieve your fitness goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get a better version of themselves, and do it right.
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Nicandro C.
Martin was able to help me loose approximately 20 lbs over 3 months of coaching. I learned of the importance of accounting for my calorific intake as is relates to my daily expenditures, and also the importance of the micronutrient profiles of the food I was eating. I also learned a great deal in terms of technique, when it comes to weight lifting. With a focus on proper form, correct preparation, and joint mobility I was able to make great advances in the weight room, and am able to really enjoy working out without injuries or undue strain. I would highly recommend Martin as a trainer, as he is very knowledgeable, and places a lot of attention to detail 👍🏼
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Mike R.
What can I say about Martin that a five star rating doesn't? I've been training with him for almost two years. His enthusiasm and smile is infectious. His knowledge is decades deep and his attention to detail and concern for his clients is obvious and comforting. I would absolutely recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking to change their life or the way they train.
Scott M.
Abi and Martin are amazing trainers. They don't just throw... weights at you like many other do, they take the time to build your foundations and track your progress alongside you. They are the only trainers I've ever had that seem to genuinely care about getting results that extend long term. Would absolutely more
Geoff M.
Martin Voslar has helped me stay fit since a serious back injury... put me in hospital more than ten years ago. He’s practical, thorough and focused on safe, effective more
Josh C.
Martin's determination and drive to make his clients reach their... goals is unmatched. After a few months of nutrition and online personal training, I saw significant weight loss and built health habits that have carried me on for months after training. Already a great trainer, he is constantly improving and innovating his practice. I've seen a handful of trainers over the years and am confident in highly recommending Martin for more
Kien N.
I've been training with Martin for close to 2 years now. For... someone who started going to the gym later in life, Martin has been very patient, kind and motivational. His knowledge of muscle groups and exercising in general is also vast and he is always transparent about his level of knowledge so as not to mislead you. Best of all, he keeps you accountable and always checks up on you to make sure that your progress is always forward. I always feel very supported and safe with Martin. Love you Martin <3read more
Thomas S.
Exceeding Fitness Expectations at Iron Lab!As a personal... trainer in Vancouver, the Iron Lab team is unrivaled. Their program is comprehensive, tailored to your body's needs, and delivers impressive results in no time. Their profound knowledge of health and fitness is reflected in each session, providing a gym experience that's as enlightening as it is transformative.Iron Lab's trainers are masters at managing weight goals and creating nutritional plans that complement your workouts. Their dedication to their clients is palpable, not only in their sessions but also in how they foster a community of like-minded people, all seeking a healthier lifestyle.From the moment you step into the gym, Iron Lab's trainers dedicate themselves to you - the time spent in every session feels valued, and the outcomes are beyond expectations. Choosing Iron Lab for personal training is a decision you won't more
Guy K.
Martin is an excellent trainer - he knows exactly how much to... push you, adapts the session to your needs and body, and really focuses on proper technique to prevent injuries. It's about long-term progress with Martin, which I really appreciate. Can't think of anyone better, especially if your newer to personal more
Nicholas T S.
Martin is the real deal. Not only is he an expert when it comes... to the relationship between food, fitness, and body, he has practical applications that make it easy to follow through and implement.In 90 days, his principles helped me to lose 30 lbs, drop from 24% body fat down to 12%, Increase my muscle mass from 155 to 163, and be in the best shape of my life at 47 years old.If you are considering doing your fitness journey alone, don't! Don't waste another minute. Hire Martin immediately! You are worth the more
John H.
I have been training with Martin for at least 5 years. I really... appreciate his focused attention on what I'm doing and he can immediately spot me not doing a weight exercise correctly. When I've come with a minor injury he can right away change the workout to accommodate my limitation. He is super encouraging and knows exactly how much to push me to a new personal best without me feeling pressured.He has taken on several new associates recently and I know he has instilled the same exacting standards in them. I'm 75 and hope he's still around when I'm 90!read more
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