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Love your body and embrace life. Our personal training services in Vancouver, accessible in-person or virtually, help you to become the best version of yourself by optimizing your level of fitness and health.

Welcome to Iron Lab – Your private personal training studio

Iron Lab’s objective: Help our clients achieve the level of health and fitness allowing them to live the most fulfilling life.

Discover the benefits of our exclusive private gym in Vancouver

Achieve weight loss 

Love how your body looks and feels without avoiding whole food groups or starving yourself. Week after week, our personal trainers at Iron Lab will guide you towards your health goals with proper nutrition coaching and a tailored workout routine.

Build muscle & strength

Become strong, lean, and muscular without injury, excessive body fat or wasting hours at a public gym. We will create the perfect strength training program for your current fitness level, all based on a professional fitness assessment of your unique body, current fitness level and lifestyle.

Live a better life 

Feel healthy and fit, loving being active and moving pain-free. With Iron Lab, your best years are yet to come.  No matter at what age you start you can always improve: our 70+ year old clients are proof of that. Age is just a number!

Take advantage of the best private gym in Vancouver

Why choose Iron Lab for your fitness journey in Vancouver?

A fitness coach at our private gym, whether in person or online, offers numerous benefits to their personal training clients! Are you experiencing any of the following?

Difficulty in motivating yourself to exercise and eat healthy

Feeling overwhelmed with what exercises you should be doing

Starting and quitting restrictive diets that are not sustainable

Feeling you never have enough time to exercise and eat healthier

Not sure what to do at the gym to build muscle and get stronger

Despite your best efforts, you’re not getting the results you want

We believe you deserve a proven plan that rewards your hard work and removes the guesswork. Our private gym in Vancouver has helped hundreds of fitness enthusiasts overcome their health and fitness challenges and succeed.

Discover the benefits of our exclusive private gym in Vancouver

 Iron Lab’s private gym in Vancouver offers:

Personal training sessions

Custom nutrition strategy

Custom stress management and recovery strategy

Weekly tracking of your training, nutrition, sleep, activity and daily habits

Unlimited access to your coach for feedback, support whenever you need it

Book a free consultation

What our clients say about us

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Seona C.
I had exercised regularly for 6-7 years as a hobby using... exercise apps/youtube videos before Iron Lab, and never seen any trace of muscles other than just being skinny. I almost thought it's gonna be impossible to build muscles and it won't happen in this life.Martin made it possible within just 3 months; I started seeing muscles clearly which I hadn't seen for 7 years!! He taught me how important nutrition is, how to build muscles effectively and corrected all the confusion I had. I also learned how to incorporate exercises in my busy schedule.Having Martin as my first trainer was the best decision I made. I'm in the best physique in my life now. I strongly recommend Iron more
Kate N.
I have been working with Charlotte virtually since July and I... cannot thank her enough for her nutritional guidance, structured training and overall support. I can truly say this program has changed my life forever. When I first started out the program, I was very unmotivated, felt like I lost the person I was both physically and mentally and stopped enjoying the simple things in life like choosing what to wear, or doing my makeup. Throughout the duration of my training journey, I have lost almost 15lbs. Iron labs was the best decision I could’ve made. Charlotte is always very understanding, and really helped me to push myself to my limits and never give up. This program helped me to achieve personal goals and take full accountability in my life. As this was my first time doing any sort of individual training, I didn’t know exactly what to expect but Charlotte and the program she had in place surpassed all my expectations. I would highly recommend this program. Thank you so much for everything Charlotte!read more
Jenna B.
The team at Iron Lab is fantastic. I primarily train with... Martin—he’s kind, motivating, and knows his stuff. He takes a holistic approach that extends beyond the gym and gives support in nutrition, mindset and recovery. Its been a total game-changer for me.Since I started training with Martin a few months ago, I'm noticeably stronger (my goal!), staying consistent, and feeling empowered on my health journey. Martin's recommendations and guidance take my lifestyle into account and meet me where I am every week.I’m really enjoying having a personalized training plan, clear instruction on how to do the exercises in my program, and an element of accountability through the Iron Lab app. I can't recommend Martin and his team enough!read more
Jennifer C.
I worked with Martin and Lili and would highly recommend both.... As someone who has never been to a gym, they were able to guide me through understanding my nutrition and building my confidence to be able to use the gym competently on my own. I genuinely felt listened to and supported throughout my time with them and look forward to working with them again as I continue my fitness journey. Many thanks for your kindness and more

Experience personal training at Iron Lab’s private gym in Vancouver!

Our personal training programs focus on implementing small changes in your lifestyle that are sustainable yet produce immediate results. Remember: your body, mind, and lifestyle are unique, and so should be your coaching plan!

Our in-person and online personal coaching system is built on 4 pillars of success:

  1. Training
  2. Nutrition
  3. Mindset
  4. Sleep/Stress management

Depending on your circumstances, Iron Lab’s personal training plans include:

  • One-on-one personal training sessions;
  • Homework workout plan;
  • Nutrition and stress management strategies;
  • progress tracking and unlimited access to your private coach;

Why choose Iron Lab for personal training in Vancouver?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results or our services in the first 30 days, we’ll refund all your money. Thanks to our coaching system and skilled coaches, your results are guaranteed.

 Take advantage of the best private gym in Vancouver

Before and after personal training with Iron Lab!

Our personal training team in Vancouver can help you too!

Get the best personal training experience in Vancouver in 4 simple steps

Book consultation with our training experts

During the 20 minute Zoom call we discuss if we are the right fit working together and find out more about your current fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits and how they align with your fitness goals.

Get your custom training plan

Based on the information from Step 1 and an in-person assessment we design your strength training, nutrition, stress management and accountability program and deliver it via the phone app. A professional assessment is the best way to create the right workout program for your fitness level.

Start working with a personal coach

A personal trainer will be with you every step of the way. We teach you how to perform functional training correctly and with the right intensity. As fitness instructors, we will determine what is the best nutrition solution for you and how to stay motivated.

Start living your best, healthy life!

Exercising and eating healthy is now part of your life and you no longer need motivation. You know how to exercise correctly and efficiently while enjoying healthy food yet not feeling you are restricting yourself.

Personal trainer Vancouver – Find the right fitness instructor today!

Iron Lab Guarantee

100 % Satisfaction

If you're not 100 % satisfied with your results or our services in the first 30 days we refund all your money.

Guaranteed fitness results

We have helped hundreds of clients like you achieve their goals. Check our testimonials and review what clients say about us. Thanks to our coaching system and skilled coaches your results are guaranteed.

Fun and reliable private coaching system

We guarantee our results because we have a proven system that we have perfected over the past 12 years of working with hundreds of clients just like you. No guesswork, just repeatable guaranteed results.

Personal trainers that care

Our coaches are skilled, knowledgeable yet most importantly deeply caring about you and your results. You are in great hands.


Iron Lab's private coaching system in Vancouver includes:

Our custom-tailored workout plans are personalized to meet the specific needs, goals, and preferences of our different clients. It is an individually crafted roadmap towards achieving optimal physical fitness and well-being!

  1. 1 on 1 personal training sessions (if applicable);
  2. Custom nutrition strategy that fits your life;
  3. Custom stress management and recovery strategy;
  4. Custom mindset plan to improve discipline and motivation;
  5. Weekly tracking of your training, nutrition, sleep, activity and daily habits;
  6. Weekly check-ins and adjustments to your plan by your coach based on your feedback;
  7. Unlimited access to your coach for feedback, support whenever you need it with the convenience of delivery via Iron Lab phone app;

Our custom personal training in Vancouver

We offer personal training programs tailored to every level, from novice to experienced. Let Iron Lab's personal trainers help you on your fitness journey!

Personal training at a private gym

Work with a personal trainer in our top of the line fitness facilities in Vancouver!

  • In-person fitness coaching (aka personal training 2.0)
  • In-person training from our private studio in Gastown.

Virtual hybrid training

Get the best of both worlds with flexible personal training that fits your schedule!

  • Combine 1 on 1 personal training with virtual sessions;
  • Online fitness coaching that can be done anywhere in the world;

Online personal training

A cost effective way to get in shape! Work with an experienced personal coach from the comfort of your home.

  • Get the results you want without breaking the bank;
  • You can also "add on" virtual training sessions if needed;

Our approach to fitness training

At Iron Lab, our focus is on the individual, understanding that everyone has their unique levels of fitness, body, mindset, training experience and specific health and fitness goals. Our fitness professionals, each an athlete in their own right, are equipped with the knowledge and training and nutrition skills to guide you in achieving your fitness potential and health goals.

Looking for the best “private gym near me Vancouver”? Look no further than Iron Lab

Learn more about private gyms

How much does a personal trainer cost in Vancouver?

At Iron Lab, a leading private gym in Vancouver, the cost of hiring a personal trainer can vary based on several factors. Our convenient monthly investment ranges from $400- $1,200 per month, with financing options also available through iFinance Canada.

Is a personal trainer worth it?

Absolutely! Our experienced personal trainers provide expert guidance, unwavering support, and continuous motivation. With Iron Lab as your personal training partner, you'll find it a wise investment for personalized guidance and outstanding results.

How many times a week should I see a private rainer?

Ideally, two to three sessions per week is recommended, however, the frequency of personal training sessions depends on various factors. Your personal trainer at Iron Lab can help you determine the optimal frequency of sessions based on your individual circumstances.

Why choose Iron Lab for your private gym?

It's a community of coaches and clients who work towards a common goal: Raising human potential through fitness! Our coaching principles and systems are unique and designed based on years of experience and learning from the best coaches in the world. Our results are no accidents, they are proof that what we teach works.

Emphasizing proper form and fitness routines

Iron Lab's one-on-one personal training emphasizes the importance of proper form in all exercises. The exercise routines designed by our trainers not only offer the exercise benefits of cardio with strength training but also allow each client to learn how their body works and learn the skill of efficient and safe strength training so they can later become independent and train on their own.

Optimal Exercise Intensity for Your Fitness Goals

Understanding the role of exercise intensity in your fitness routine is key to keeping your fitness on track. At Iron Lab, we provide the fitness advice you need to properly gauge your workout's intensity and ensure that you are continuously pushing towards your fitness outcomes while avoiding injuries and making sure your workout plan is balanced for your unique body.

Iron Lab Fitness Community and Educational Seminars

Being part of our fitness community means that you will access to more than "your assigned coach" but to the entire coaching team who produce educational content on Iron Lab social media channels and monthly newsletter.

What does it mean to be a private gym?

Being a private gym means you have access to the gym/studio only when you train with your personal trainer. This means there is a limitation on how many people can be in a studio at the same time, ensuring you and your trainer can focus exclusively on you during your training sessions without distractions from other gym members or fighting for equipment or space.

Is a private gym worth it?

Yes, a private gym is worth it. If you are new to strength training and what to learn the fastest way private gym is definitely worth it. It allows you to train with your coach at the privacy and the focus you need in a more controlled environment, allowing for functional training that directly targets core muscles and aids muscle repair.

What are the benefits of a private gym?

The benefits of a private gym include a custom designed training program to your unique body and goals. Your personal trainer who makes sure your training technique and intensity is at the level necessary to optimize your results.  A privacy, space and assurance your session will not be interrupted by random gym members. You also have the guarantee that specific equipment will be available when needed so you don't have to wait for it.

How much is the gym per month?

Access to your private personal training studio is included with every hybrid coaching package.

What are the cons of a private gym?

If you're more experienced and want to train on your own you won't be able to use our private studio as you can only train there with your personal trainer. It doesn't have every piece of strength equipment imaginable as it's smaller.

How much is a private workout?

The cost of a private workout depends on the level of personalized service you require. We offer initial consultation and in-person gym assessment free of cost. After that, we can recommend various options for ongoing 1 on 1 personal training services that would fit your unique fitness and health needs.

These include additional services such as one-on-one training with a professional trainer who can help hone your functional training and guide you towards achieving your health goals.

How big should a private gym be?

The size of a private gym can vary. Depending on your fitness goals and your training experience level, choose a gym that provides enough strength training and cardiovascular equipment that matches your needs.  Private gyms tend to be smaller as they have less members than public gyms, but still house common fitness equipment for functional training, strength training, and cardiovascular health improvement.

Why is gym expensive?

Gym access is not usually very expensive especially if you find a community centers that offers affordable gym memberships.  More expensive public fitness centers offer variety of amenities so they can justify the higher cost. In the end you have to decide what specific fitness and health goals you would like to achieve and where your chances of achieving them are the highest. 1 on 1 custom guidance is always the most expensive option as is the fastest way for achieving your goals.

Is it better to go to the gym by yourself?

The choice to go to the gym by yourself depends on personal preference. Some people prefer a solitary environment to focus on their exercise program, while others benefit from the motivation and professional guidance offered at a gym. It all depends on your current strength training skills, your goals and your preference!

What are 3 advantages of private training?

Private training provides one-on-one attention, effective exercise techniques, and customized programs to suit your unique fitness level and health goals. It accelerate your progress, ensure proper form and technique, and provide motivation and accountability.

Why are small gyms better?

Small gyms offer a more intimate and focused service. You get to form close relationships with trainers and fellow gym-goers, receive more individualized attention, and enjoy less crowded facilities.

What are the pros and cons of Gym?

Gym pros include access to a variety of equipment, fitness classes, and a community that can motivate you to reach your goals. Cons may include crowded facilities and a less personalized service compared to private gyms.

How much does gym cost in Canada?

The average gym cost in Canada varies depending on the location and services offered. Private gyms generally have higher fees, but this includes personalized services, more equipment, and professional guidance.

How much is the average gym in Canada?

The average gym cost in Canada ranges from $25 to $300 per month, depending on the type of gym and services included. However, remember that costs can be higher for more specialized or private facilities.

What Is the cheapest gym to join?

While costs vary, budget gyms can start from as low as $10 a month. But remember, the cheapest gym may not always align with your fitness goals or provide the same benefits as a private gym, such as customized workouts and professional guidance.

Best “private gym near me Vancouver”: Begin your fitness journey with Iron Lab today!

At Iron Lab, we are committed to assisting each individual in their unique journey towards optimal fitness and health. With our expert trainers, advanced private personal training facility, and a thriving fitness community, we provide all the resources you need to stay committed to your fitness goals. Begin your journey with us today!

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