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60 Day online challenge

Kelly took part in our 60 day online challenge and absolutely smashed it! She hit her workouts with 100% completion throughout the whole challenge, and was on point with her nutrition guidelines. One of our most dedicated clients, all while taking care of her two young boys! Amazing results Kelly. Way to reach your goals.

fitness challenge progress postpartum
30 day challenge motivation results


60 days online challenge

Morgan took part in our online 60 day online challenge where she tracked her food, followed her custom workout program, and met every weekly challenge head on. She showed up for herself and her results are obvious from that! Nice work to reach your goals Morgan!


12 weeks online challenge

Gabi took part in our online 12 week challenge where she participated in at-home workouts and followed our nutrition guidance.

“I used to find exercise boring and dull but he made every session enjoyable …
I now enjoy working out, eating properly and exercise daily.


online personal training 60 day challenge


Danielle signed up for online training and lost a total of 11lbs and 4 inches off her waist by following a custom program. She committed to doing at-home workouts and followed our nutrition guidance. Great work Danielle!


Kylee has and continues to follow a custom online training program with a mix of at home and gym workouts. She continues to push herself and continuously works hard to achieve her goals. We’re proud of you!

“[Charlotte] would test my body and push it to it’s limits while being respectful of my needs and wants out of a work out plan. I’ve dealt with disordered eating before and she never made me do anything to trigger my past. If anything she worked with it really well …. I have so much more energy and actually look forward to my work outs.


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12 week fitness challenge result


12 week online challenge

“Martin is just great. He is always positive and knows how to push you when you are lazy by giving you extremely positive encouragement. When it comes to actual training he is very good at recognizing small muscle groups and areas where you need improvement in order to achieve your fitness goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get a better version of themselves, and do it right.



Adriana is a superstar of our Hybrid Coaching. She commits to a 1:1 in-person coaching session a week at the gym, and follows her online program throughout the rest of the week which consists of at-home workouts and nutrition. We have no doubt our guaranteed fitness results will be upheld here!

Adriana has lost 10lbs but more importantly has gained both outer and inner strength, and a newfound love for the gym!

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