How to hire the Best female personal trainer in Vancouver



How to Find the Best Female Personal Trainer for You

5 step process to find the best female personal trainer for you 

There are many personal trainers out there, how do you choose one right for you to help you achieve your fitness goals? This blog post will show how to find the best female personal trainer in easy 5 steps.  

How to hire the best female personal trainer in Vancouver 

It starts with you. What are your fitness goals? What are the biggest blocks stopping you from achieving them? These 5 steps will help you organize your thoughts and have crystal clarity of what you need from your trainer. 

5 steps to find your best female personal trainer 

Go through each step and write down your thoughts; spend some time to laser focus on each point. 

Step 1. What do you want to accomplish? 

Step 2: Where do you want to train? 

Step 3: What is your trainer’s coaching approach? 

Step 4: Where is your trainer’s proof of success? 

Step 5: What is your gut telling you?  

Step 1: What do you want to accomplish? 

In other words, what are your health and fitness goals? 

Do you want to lose 5lbs, feel better in your clothes, get stronger, get faster time for your 5k run, build a bigger butt? Be specific. 

Don’t forget your “WHY” – Why do you want to achieve these goals? 

It is a sign of an experienced personal trainer to ask deeper questions and discover the actual reasons behind the ubiquitous “lose weight and feeling healthy goal”. Some women may feel they are “supposed to “want to lose weight, look a certain way”.   

Know what YOU want, not what others want you to do. 

Step 2: Where do you want to train? 

In a large gym, small personal training studio, outdoors, in your living room…? 

It is essential to know the answer, as it will significantly affect what personal trainer you need. 

For example, a large membership fitness center may be right next to your house, so it would be a logical choice to hire your female personal trainer there, but what if you don’t like the “big gym” atmosphere? 

What if you are not feeling safe (not just because of the latest health rules) but just feel uneasy, intimidated or feeling “you don’t belong” there? 

Would choosing a private personal training studio or training from your own home would be a better option? 

The only way to find out is to actually go to multiple locations and pay attention to how you FEEL when you’re there. Do you feel at ease, tense, welcomed? 

Try different things and see what feels better. 

Step 3: What is your female personal trainer’s coaching approach? 

The longer I have been in the fitness industry, the more I understand that things are not black or white. 

There is no ONE magic workout plan, exercise or a diet that works 100% for every client. 

There are some basic training and nutrition fundamentals; however, how they are applied depends on a particular client. 

That is why when you approach your trainer and ask what type of training or nutrition plan should you be following, the answer should not be “Here, this is the best workout plan and diet for you. Now follow it to the ‘T’”, especially if this trainer knows nothing about you, your goals and your life. 

For example, if you’ve been struggling with emotional eating and every time you step on a scale makes you feel angry and upset, how would it feel if your trainer insists on weighing yourself daily and following a “clean food only” strict meal plan?  

You will probably not be happy or able to follow this plan for long. 

The job of a personal trainer is to help you to achieve your goals by “upgrading” your daily healthy habits and teaching you a life skill for rest of your life. 

If your trainers push you too fast, too soon or too hard, you will eventually quit or your body will break. On the other hand, if she is too easy, if there is no plan, no accountability and no encouragement, there is no progress at all. 

The magic is right between these things depending on your personality, goals, lifestyle etc. This is when you know you have hired the best female fitness coach in Vancouver.

Step 4: Where is your trainer’s proof of success? 

These days any female with an impressive physique and thousands of social media followers is considered a fitness coach. 

What you want to see from your personal trainer is testimonials and visual proof of success in helping a client achieve the same goal you are after. If your goal is to lose 10lbs of fat, get stronger and healthier, it would be helpful to see an example of a client this trainer helps to achieve just that. 

If all the trainer can do is show pictures of herself, how useful is that to you? Just because she is fit and strong doesn’t make her the best female personal fitness trainer in Vancouver.

Step 5: What is your gut telling you?  

In the end, personal training is about personality. When you have a conversation face to face with your fitness coach, how do you feel? Do you sense your personal trainer is genuinely interested in you and invested in helping you to become the best version of yourself or is she just going through the “sales speech”?  

Go with your gut. You will be spending hours with this trainer if you hire her so make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with her. 

Do you still need help?  

I hope you find these 5 steps useful in finding the best personal trainer for you. 

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Final thoughts 

The perfect personal trainer is there for you. I hope this blog post helps you to find her. 

Having a talented, enthusiastic and skilled fitness pro by your side is invaluable. You will learn, grow and become better version of yourself. 

It will be worth it, I promise.  



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