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How to Find an Online Personal Trainer



Essential Advice on How to Find an Online Personal Trainer

Working with a personal fitness coach used to mean going to the gym, handing out big money, and then trying to make the most out of one or two hours of contact per week. But now, thanks to online technology and franky, the Covid-19 pandemic forcing us to stay indoors and virtual, online personal training has become increasingly common, accessible, and affordable. You now get a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, from anywhere in the world.

Online personal training is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional personal training and can help you reach your health and fitness goals faster and more efficiently than trying on your own. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, finding the right person can be expensive, time-consuming, and even frustrating. You may be wondering how to find an online personal trainer and not knowing where to begin. This article will help you narrow your search and inform you on how to choose a good online trainer.

online personal trainer

5 Signs of a Good Online Personal Trainer

1. They are certified and current

There are many degrees and certifications for personal trainers, so it’s not always easy to sort out the good from the mediocre. That being said, just because a trainer has a degree, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a great coach, but it is a starting point. The world of fitness, nutrition, and health is evolving quickly, and staying current is challenging even for the most dedicated professionals.

Be wary of the social media veil! It’s easy for a trainer to look legit online (thanks, social media), but having pretty pictures doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the required experience. Just because they have a big following does not automatically make them a good coach or a good fit for YOU.

2. They get to know YOU

A good trainer will perform a consultation and/or an assessment of you before getting you into any sort of workout program. Usually a consultation takes place over the phone or a video chat, starting with basic questions about your background, fitness history, health history, and personal preferences. It is a great way to see if you and the trainer would make a good match to work together.

Another great indicator if the trainer is top notch is if they offer you an assessment (which is usually free). Often these take place in the gym as the first session, where the trainer puts you through a series of basic exercises to see how you move. This will allow them to create a better customized program for you where you can see benefits such as improving muscle imbalances, improving mind to body connections or even correcting minor injuries or ailments. 

During these first meetings you will be able to tell straight away if your trainer actually cares for you and your well being, or if they are just there to get you to open your wallet and put you on a cookie cutter program.

3. They have testimonials and proof

Great trainers have happy clients with reviews to back them up. Asking to see these reviews, speaking to their other clients, and getting as much information as possible will help you find the right online personal trainer.

A great relationship with your trainer is key, but you don’t just want to pay for a new friend do you? You want your trainer to be able to get you to your goals, so seeing proof like before and after photos of clients that have achieved what you want to achieve is very important.

If your goal is to build muscle and you find a trainer you really like but find out they’ve only ever helped people lose weight, do you think they’ll have the experience and know how to get you to where you want to be? What could happen is you become their guinea pig, and your process will take longer and be more costly than if you chose a trainer that had some experience working with clients such as yourself. 

4. Attention to your requests and emerging issues

When looking into hiring an online personal trainer you want to make sure you are comfortable and safe, and this often means starting a program that is within your current health fitness level. You should be able to regularly communicate openly with your online trainer about your progress, discussing any pain or injuries that may arise. They should be able to answer your questions and change your program as you go to suit your progress or help you with obstacles. 

5. They believe in you

When your trainer believes in you, reaching your goals becomes a lot easier, and more fun! Great online personal trainers will help you believe in yourself and have you realize your strengths. A good virtual fitness trainer will provide you with the tools to help change your beliefs, grow your confidence, and uncover your own motivation to continually choose healthy behaviours outside of your training sessions.

How to find an online personal trainer

So now you know what qualities to look for, but HOW do you find a virtual fitness trainer? Here are 2 suggestions on how to choose an online personal trainer:

1. Ask around

Word of mouth is still an excellent source of information, and you will most likely check off a few other above mentioned points when asking friends and family about personal trainers. If someone knows a good online personal trainer, generally they will answer questions that would be hard to find online, like what you get out of the program, what type of trainer they are, and the person’s experience. 

2. Find out what you’re looking for and search 

Figure out specifically what you want out of an online trainer, whether that be fat loss, muscle building, or maybe you want someone that will coach you in live virtual sessions, start by searching for what you want will help you successfully find personal trainers online.

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Final Thoughts

Remote training can be just as rewarding, effective and fun as in-person training. Taking your time to find the right online personal trainer will allow you to work out from the comfort of your own home while knowing you’re getting the best program made specifically for YOU.