Martin Voslar

Founder and Personal Trainer in Vancouver at Iron Lab Strength & Conditioning

Martin Voslar

Martin Voslar

I founded Iron Lab Strength and Conditioning in 2011 with a single purpose: to help others achieve the body and life of their dreams.


Martin has been a full-time personal trainer since 2010 and he has not lost an ounce of passion since. Quite the opposite. He is constantly learning and educating himself how can he deliver better results to his clients. 

Martin loves natural bodybuilding, travelingwatching Superhero movies with his wife Andrea and spoiling their cat Aloha.


  • Personal Training Specialist (PTS) by CanFitPro
  • PN Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition by Precision Nutrition
  • Bodybuilding Specialist by International Sports Sciences Association
  • Certified Online Trainer by Online Trainer Academy Level 2


For over 10 years we have been obsessed with helping our clients achieve their fitness and health goals. Whether it is online or in-person, our goal has always been delivering custom-tailored coaching that guarantees results.

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