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Congratulations on taking the first steps to improving your life, time to lose fat and get fit!






There is so much information out there, how do you know what will work for you to actually lose fat once and for all?


Every time you push harder in the gym you get injured. You are sick and tired of feeling sore and tight all the time.


No matter how hard you work you just can't lose weight and lean out. Achieving tone and fat loss seem like an impossible feat. 


Sometimes you just want to say "F*ck it". I really gave it my all but it didn't work out.

We feel your frustrations. Because we've been exactly in your shoes.
You are not alone! We are here to help YOU.

Our top trainer Charlotte Kapitza knows the difficulties of juggling real life with achieving tone and fat loss, the REAL struggle of cravings and binge eating. She's got first hand experience of the extreme dieting, and has a realistic approach that actually works to get you toned, lean out, and lose fat for good. 


I understand many people find it difficult to lose weight and get to their dream body. There are so many diets, fitness fads, weight loss gimmicks, and an unattainable promise to get you there instantly. 

I had always struggled with food, binge eating, low self esteem, using food as an escape or trying to fill a void. 

One day I decided to take control of life and re-define my habits. I took the extreme challenge of entering a fitness competition, I dove deep into a workout and strict meal plan. I found inner strength and discipline and continue to use that lesson in my day to day life. 

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All my life I had always struggled with food, binge eating, low self esteem, using food as an escape or trying to fill a void. I came from a fit and active family where I was always involved in sports and extra curricular activities. However, Once high school and the competitive sports were over, I found it difficult to maintain the level of fitness and confidence I took for granted. I found myself emotionally eating for stress, for happiness, for anything.

I was constantly snacking and had no concept of what I was putting into my body or what was ACTUALLY good for me. Over time, I gained weight and lost strength. Walking up a flight stairs was leaving me breathless and I was starting to lose all sense of self. 

One day I decided to take control of life and re-define my habits. I took the extreme challenge of entering a fitness competition, I dove deep into a workout and strict meal plan. I found inner strength and discipline and continue to use that lesson in my day to day life. 20 weeks of a total lifestyle change, a strict to-the-minute diet, and dedicating 2 hours in the gym every day. It felt great - at the time. 

After winning the competition and achieving a higher goal beyond what I set for myself, I then found myself back in that spiral of not knowing what to do, confused about what to eat, and having no direction. The competition prep is not sustainable. I only knew work hard every day for 2 hours in the gym, and only eat these specific things.

I learned that the extreme isn't necessarily the right way to go, it works for some but it isn't realistic for all. I created a very realistic and down to earth approach for losing fat and getting strong, and I continue to use it myself and teach it to my clients.

We will teach you the skills to change your life, and you won't even have to change much! The fat loss will be consistent, and long lasting. No crash fad diets to get you to your toned lean body. Just a simple effective process that will suit your lifestyle.

RESULTS, that is what we deliver

5 months

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Mike's 5 month tone and fat loss progress

5 months

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Sarah's 5 month fat loss journey

4 weeks

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Xi's toned lean body in 4 weeks

12 weeks

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Martin's 12 week 25lb fat loss progress

7 months

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Kent with 7 months of weight loss

4 months

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JD's 4 months fat loss progress


​Guaranteed results

Lose weight, build strength, and gain energy. You'll be in better shape than you ever thought possible.
We promise!

​Save time

Stop wasting your precious time on cookie-cutter workout apps or useless supplements. Start seeing results of fat loss within weeks.

​Save money

Stop throwing away money on generic fitness apps or online meal plans. Get all your custom-tailored training, nutrition, mindset plans that actually deliver results.

​100 % satisfaction

If you’re not happy with your results or our service in the first 30 days, we will give you your money back, no questions asked. Your dream body is guaranteed!

​Step by step support

​We are here with you every step of the way. In and outside of the gym, we are here to help you to stay consistent no matter how busy your life gets.

​All in one solution

You can’t separate training from nutrition and psychology to achieve long-lasting results. That is why all our programs include all three components to make sure you reach your goals and dream body.

​Online and offline support

Accountability, direction and support are key to your success. We offer Hybrid coaching which allows you to stay accountable to your goals 24/7

​Learn skills for life

We don’t just give you a workout program or a meal plan. We teach you life skills and habits how to exercise, eat and live a healthier and happier life.

Google Rating
Based on 27 reviews
Facebook Rating
Based on 4 reviews
Yelp Rating
Based on 2 reviews

30 day guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you are not happy with our services or your results, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just get in touch with us and we will take care of the rest.


You tell us your goals, and we will get you there, or beyond what you imagined. Permanently.

I have been doing strength training with Charlotte and have made great progress in weight loss and muscle toning. Martin and Charlotte made a very comprehensive personal training plan based on my body condition. Their training plan has worked fantastically so far! I feel much slimmer and stronger!

Xi Ai, Iron Lab client
4 week body transformation


16:24 25 Apr 20
I've trained with Martin for over seven years. He's hands down the best trainer I've worked with! He's got a wealth of knowledge on training, nutrition, and optimizing your overall health. I've seen amazing results over the years and continually learn more from Martin. The best part about training with him is that he sets you up for life-long success by teaching you the skills needed to reach your goal.It's rare to find trainers that are truly invested in seeing clients achieve their goals. Martin checks all the boxes - he's passionate about fitness, has a practical/holistic approach, and takes his time to understand his clients' goals.
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens
19:22 10 Feb 20
I made contact with Martin in the summer of 2017 based on a recommendation from a friend who was one of Martin's clients. At our initial meeting, I explained that my primary motivation in considering to hire a Personal Trainer was for help with weight training and dietary issues. I was very overweight at the time and my doctor was strongly encouraging me to lose some weight as the most effective way of addressing other health issues. Martin encouraged me to make some basic lifestyle changes affecting my eating habits and simultaneously implementing a training program at the gym. I was very impressed with his suggestions and hired him to help me achieve my goals. Fortunately, my Husband was very supportive of the stated goals and suggested we work together in achieving the desired results. My dietary program primarily involved eating home cooked meals five days a week and allowing for dining out twice a week. This action alone would represent a major change from our routine of eating out at least five times a week. Home cooked meals involved a substantial reduction in starchy type foods (e.g. little or no potato, rice or pasta) but a good serving of vegetables and proteins. With Martin’s help,we implemented our new dietary program and found Martin to be a great source with both his knowledge and encouragement. He provided tips and suggestions - especially in the early stages with the implementation that included a set schedule of "eating in" and "eating out" days.. I also undertook a physical training program including hiring Martin as my Personal Trainer.During my first eighteen months of working with Martin, I succeeded in dropping thirty five pounds and thereby achieving my major goal in weight reduction. This success resulted in me finding much more energy to get out and do things including much walking and achieving happier results with my medical checks. My Husband experienced similar successes of his own.Once I achieved my initial goals, I settled into a regular type maintenance program and continue to utilize Martin for Personal Training services in addition to using my home gym on my own. Recently, I also commenced training with Charlotte Kapitza who works with Martin at Iron Lab. Having ongoing success with a maintenance program is also very challenging in different ways from working to achieve one’s initial goals and involves continued patience and perseverance to avoid falling back into old and bad habits! I have found working out with both Charlotte and Martin to be very helpful with their encouragement and ongoing suggestions to help me stay fit and maintain my goals. I have now been with Iron Lab for almost three years and the experience has definitely changed my life for the better. I give a very big Thank You to both Martin and Charlotte for the important role they have played and continue to play in my success. - Dan Stevens in Vancouver, British Columbia
Sissi Xia
Sissi Xia
01:19 27 Nov 19
I have been doing strength training with Charlotte for 7 months and have made great progress in weight loss and muscle tuning. Martin and Charlotte made very comprehensive personal training plan based on my body condition and my requirement, and help me keep track of my progress on weekly base. And their training plan works fantastically so far! I feel I have been much slimmer and stronger1! Really enjoy training with them. Five stars!
Artur Pawlak
Artur Pawlak
15:14 28 Oct 19
It is rare to find a fitness trainer that highly in tune with how your body works, and doesn't just prescribe the same old common exercises. This is why I consider myself that much more lucky to train with both Charlotte and Martin of Iron Lab. Their custom routines are perfectly challenging, always staying clear of injury, but never easy. Their caring and holistic approach, as well as their accurate advice have kept me progressing year after year, and I am immensely grateful.
Germinal Cinti
Germinal Cinti
09:49 09 Mar 19
Martin is an amazing guy and a very professional trainer. He helped me to take my life back.
Abhishek Ambekar
Abhishek Ambekar
03:48 13 Dec 18
Martin is a terrific personal trainer, motivating and super outgoing ! After, an initial consultation he created a program that would help to not only strengthen but improve bad tendencies that he noticed, predominantly my arched back which I've always struggled with! Following his routine and going through the exercises, I'm gradually beginning to see improvements in my posture and increase my strength endurance. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a personal trainer that will aid you in finding a workout and nutrition plan that's suited for you.
Everyone can achieve their fitness goals.

Our client's results are proof.

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