Daphnie – Personal Trainer at Iron Lab

Meet Daphnie

Daphnie believes health is wealth and helps clients achieve their best lives through movement, encouragement, and being their accountability coach. Daphnie works remotely from Ontario and offers virtual sessions and online coaching.

Daphnie has been a personal trainer since 2018.

Daphnie’s passion for the fitness and wellness industry stems from being active at a young age and maintaining an active lifestyle while completing the Fitness and Health Promotion diploma at Algonquin College.

Daphnie has experience within the industry as a personal trainer, member service representative, and group fitness instructor. Daphnie is dedicated to inspiring active lifestyles that are fun for everyone.

Outside the gym, Daphnie loves to hang out with friends/family, travel to warm climates and spend time outside in the sun. 

What our clients say about us

Amineh A.
I highly recommend them. Knowledgeable trainers who will do... everything to help you achieve your fitness goal. Passionate, hardworking, efficient. Their focus on mobility and correct posture is key. There's an app that makes tracking and communication so much easier too. You won't regret training with them.read more
brian a
Iron Labs literally changed how to live a healthier life. I was... 225 pounds, did not work out/exercise, and loved eating (still do). But after 10 months, I lost 60 pounds, developed good eating habits, and incorporated workouts in my busy schedule. I started on a diet program, then slowly progressed to strength over the coures of a year. I highly recommend Iron Labs, as they give you perspective and knowledge on food, exercises, and healthy habit..... all personalized to you and your schedule.read more
Matt K.
I cannot understate how big of an impact Iron Lab has made on my... life. In just three months I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength, but most importantly I feel fantastic.In the past my attempts to get into shape were always hampered by feeling overwhelmed with different training regimens and conflicting information I found online. I worried that maybe I just didn't 'get' fitness.With the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of gyms, the prospect of getting into shape felt even more daunting to me then ever before. But then I reached out to Iron Lab. Between virtual training sessions, online planning, and in-gym private sessions (which are practiced in a very safe manner during the pandemic) I have been able make a huge amount of progress faster than I thought I could, and it's progress that feels truly sustainable!For me, finding out that I'm capable of making such great strides has been just as satisfying as actually making them. Learning proper technique has left me with a genuine love of exercising that has really changed my whole perspective.I've worked with Charlotte as well as Martin on occasion, and I have found both of them to be absolutely 10/10, outstanding trainers. I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation!read more

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