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Candace’s Story



I wanted it badly, I was willing to take the giant step forward….yet I was scared.

Have you been visiting page after page, website upon website and wondering if this time you’ll find what works for you?

Are you nervous committing to exercise and to a personal trainer?

I have been there. In that exact spot. I must have visited one site at least a handful of times.

Thinking “Could this be real? Will this work for me?”

Can I trust this person with my health and money?

How will it be meeting this person or will they judge me?

But this time around I wanted to change badly that I was willing to take the leap. As scary as it was, I knew this decision was potentially the beginning of something great.

The wonderful thing about hiring a personal trainer is you get to meet this person first and during this meeting you decide if you two are compatible. After all, the both of you will be on this journey together. It has to be a good fit for everyone involved.

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The benefits that I saw beyond losing weight, gaining muscle and reshaping my body was the increase in my confidence. Of course, during the first few visits I was shy when entering the studio and felt out of place. I remember wanting to just quietly creep in un-seen and unannounced.

I wore loose tops for comfort reasons because I wanted to hide what I didn’t like. Because this was a new experience for me and it felt private and personal, there were times I felt a bit of anxiety and I felt like I had to make up for the lack of conversation or fill in the “quiet times.” However, that wasn’t really the case. I was just too much in my own head about it.

Not too long after the anxiety subsided I became much more comfortable with the quiet and the new environment. I had a great time building a relationship with my trainer and I found her to be inspiring.

I found myself looking forward to my appointments.

I remember arriving with excitement, my confidence was changing.

I felt more at ease and a sense of belonging when I would walk through the studio, I even began to make eye contact with others. From then on I was curious about what was on the plan and what cool new thing was I about to learn that day.

This experience taught me that the help of a professional is important, especially when learning new skills that can be used for a lifetime. I also learned I loved moving my body, getting stronger, developing better habits.

We all start somewhere and it’s up to us to determine where we take it.

Another comforting note is, beginner’s anxiety is temporary, I promise you that.

In fact, the benefits of beginning a fitness journey outweigh any apprehension.

If you’re still on the fence, you are welcomed to reach out to me for help. Email me at and I will get back to you as soon I can.

You can also recruit a friend and go together or challenge yourself to commit for one month and the positive changes alone will entice you to keep going.

February of 2017 is when my fitness journey took off and I can confidently say I’ll be training well into my golden years.

If I can do this EVERYONE can.


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