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Meet Ali

Ali’s goal is for her clients to feel confident and happy by teaching them the fundamentals of leading a healthy lifestyle. She believes reaching personal goals will never be easier with the correct guidance, knowledge, and accountability.

Ali has been a personal trainer since 2017.

Ali was born in Liechtenstein but has lived in various countries growing up until settling down in Vancouver in 2017. Her passion for sports has been there from a young age, but it wasn’t until she worked with a personal trainer that she realized how much of a positive effect strength training had on her body, physically and mentally. She completed her Personal Trainer Certification in 2017 in London, UK. 

Her goal is to replicate the effects her Personal Trainer had on her at the time: to create a fun and safe environment that teaches clients sustainable health and fitness habits. 

She loves to cook, travel, explore, and read in her free time. 

What our clients say about Ali

Nahid K.
Ali is an incredibly supportive and understanding trainer,... especially considering the challenges I face as a mother of two young children with mental health challenges. Her patience, encouragement, and flexibility are clearly invaluable assets in helping me navigate.The fact that Ali motivates me not to give up, despite the hurdles I encounter, speaks volumes about her dedication and commitment to my progress. It's evident that she not only recognizes my struggles but also actively works to bring me back to a positive place when I falter, demonstrating a deep level of care and understanding.Moreover, her kindness and ability to understand my unique needs and pace of work are commendable. In a fast-paced environment , having a trainer who is attuned to my individual circumstances and provides tailored support can make all the difference in my success and well-being.I wholeheartedly recommend Ali as a trainer for anyone seeking guidance and support in their weight loss and strength training/ journey. With Ali as your trainer, you'll have a compassionate mentor who will motivate you to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. I can't recommend her highly enough!read more
Ahmed S.
I really enjoyed my experience with Iron Labs from the start til... the end. Martin communicated extensively about what I was getting and how the program would work. He also teamed me up with Ali, who is a wealth of knowledge, was extremely supportive in helping me reach my goal, and gave me realistic insights into my goals and what would be achievable. I’d highly recommend Iron Labs and trust in their process!read more
Boushra B.
Excellent personal training program tailored to your specific... needs and will provide positive results if you do the work. I've been working with Ali for a couple of months and I have only positive things to say 🤩 Ali is a knowledgeable, effective, supportive and wonderful personal trainer, who provides practical guidance to empower the client on their fitness and wellness journey. During the in-person training sessions, Ali pays close attention to the body alignment and will give feedback on how to correct posture to avoid injuries. In the check-ins, Ali always provide encouraging feedback and useful tips and tricks to improve performance, nutrition, recovery, or help with any thing I may be struggling with.I like the holistic approach to personal training at Iron Lab; the coaches have a thorough intake process that involves an initial call with Martin the head coach, followed by a comprehensive questionnaire to understand where you are in terms of the different aspects of health and fitness, then an assessment session, all to understand your own personal needs, motivations, and roadblocks so that they can customize the training program for you.Overall, I'm impressed with the effort and time the coaches put into the program, and I am seeing positive results. I highly recommend Iron Lab for anyone who wants to invest in their health and improve their fitness and wellness 💪read more
Matt K.
I cannot understate how big of an impact Iron Lab has made on my... life. In just three months I have lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of strength, but most importantly I feel fantastic.In the past my attempts to get into shape were always hampered by feeling overwhelmed with different training regimens and conflicting information I found online. I worried that maybe I just didn't 'get' fitness.With the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of gyms, the prospect of getting into shape felt even more daunting to me then ever before. But then I reached out to Iron Lab. Between virtual training sessions, online planning, and in-gym private sessions (which are practiced in a very safe manner during the pandemic) I have been able make a huge amount of progress faster than I thought I could, and it's progress that feels truly sustainable!For me, finding out that I'm capable of making such great strides has been just as satisfying as actually making them. Learning proper technique has left me with a genuine love of exercising that has really changed my whole perspective.I've worked with Charlotte as well as Martin on occasion, and I have found both of them to be absolutely 10/10, outstanding trainers. I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation!read more

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