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To help people get in the best shape of their life so they can fulfill their potential


  • To empower and inspire
  • Take consistent action
  • Promote independence
  • Never ever give up
  • Love yourself

To help our clients to achieve a level of fitness, health and body shape they never thought were possible, so that they can achieve anything in life.


We are obsessed with getting you the best results you're after. That is why we are among the best personal trainers in Vancouver. 

We are constantly assessing and analyzing how we can deliver the most effective training and nutritional strategies that will help you achieve your goals faster.

We see ourselves as guides rather than drill sergeants. That does not mean that the training programs we deliver are easy, it is quite the opposite.

However, we do value your feedback, your progress, your happiness and ultimately your results above all else. We see our purpose as your advisers, walking side by side with you on your fitness journey and making sure that whatever goal you choose, you fully achieve.

We have developed a system based on scientific principles that delivers results every single time.
We are so confident that our system will work for you that we offer non-conditional 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Our result based system does not mean that you get a generic plan. You are unique and have different challenges and goals that is why we modify all 4 areas of your coaching to meet you exactly where you are.

We walk the talk, each of us is passionate about fitness and above all seeing you succeed. 

We have only ONE objective - to get you results.


We believe that everything in our lives is connected – what we eat, how we move, how we feel and think.
We see your body and mind as an integrated system and focus on areas where you struggle the most so you can achieve your long lasting fitness and health goals faster than you thought.

To make sure we maximize your results we use the 4 pillars of effective coaching.

Our training programs and nutritional suggestions are based on proven scientific methods that are not subjected to the latest fads or popular trends.

Nothing is left to chance and everything we give you has an intentional purpose to get you the best results. With us as your fitness coach, you will reach goals.

We have a system in place that builds on each phase so you always know WHAT you are doing, WHY you are doing it, and exactly HOW it will get you closer to your ultimate goals.


The Iron Lab Team consists of some of the best rated personal trainers in Vancouver:

martin voslar personal trainers get best results Vancouver

MARTIN VOSLAR - Personal Trainer, Founder of Iron Lab
specialty: muscle and strength building

charlotte personal trainers get best results Vancouver

CHARLOTTE KAPITZA - Personal Trainer
specialty: fat loss and toning

candace scott personal trainers get best results Vancouver

CANDACE SCOTT - Personal trainer
specialty: new to fitness






Whether it is consistency with your training, lack of sleep or sugar cravings, we are here to help you to overcome all of your challenges one step at a time. We use science proven habit coaching that focuses on small changes in your training, nutrition, stress management and mindset that builds into powerful new habits that will last life time. 

We focus on small changes one step at a time to ensure you are not overwhelmed and always steadily moving forward. We teach independence and self-reliance. We don’t just take you through a workout or give you a meal plan. We teach you skills on how to listen to and take care of your body for the rest of your life. 

We educate and mentor you so you can become your own coach. 


weight loss coach vancouver

Constantly learning and improving, so our clients can achieve their results faster and permanently.   

Walking the talk. We practice what we preach. If we ask our clients to do it, we have done it ourselves at one point or another. We are our own guinea pigs and know what works.

To laugh and don’t take ourselves seriouslyHaving a “can-do attitude and coming up with new ways to help our clients.

Above all, we love seeing our clients succeed and change.
We promise to get you THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS 

Sissi Xia
Sissi Xia
01:19 27 Nov 19
I have been doing strength training with Charlotte for 7 months and have made great progress in weight loss and muscle tuning. Martin and Charlotte made very comprehensive personal training plan based on my body condition and my requirement, and help me keep track of my progress on weekly base. And their training plan works fantastically so far! I feel I have been much slimmer and stronger1! Really enjoy training with them. Five stars!
Artur Pawlak
Artur Pawlak
15:14 28 Oct 19
It is rare to find a fitness trainer that highly in tune with how your body works, and doesn't just prescribe the same old common exercises. This is why I consider myself that much more lucky to train with both Charlotte and Martin of Iron Lab. Their custom routines are perfectly challenging, always staying clear of injury, but never easy. Their caring and holistic approach, as well as their accurate advice have kept me progressing year after year, and I am immensely grateful.
Dana Smith
Dana Smith
07:43 08 Dec 17
Martin is a brilliant trainer. I, without hesitation, recommended him. For those seeking someone to teach you excellent form, be in non-egotistical company, and want to benefit from an incredibly optimistic attitude: this is your guy. He’s an excellent human, and skilled trainer.

Google Rating
Based on 28 reviews
Facebook Rating
Based on 4 reviews
Yelp Rating
Based on 2 reviews

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