Abi – Personal Trainer at Iron Lab

Meet Abi

Abi will help you become the best version of yourself by embracing the process together to help develop your skills and knowledge to enable you to reach your fitness goals and unlock your full potential!

Abi has been a personal trainer since 2023.

Born and raised in the UK, Abi moved to Vancouver in 2021. Since a young age, she has had a passion for fitness and maintaining an active lifestyle. Abi spent six years coaching gymnastics before following her dream of becoming a personal trainer.

Abi aims to create a positive and motivating atmosphere that makes exercise more enjoyable and encourages clients to stay active, motivated and committed to their fitness goals. By educating clients on healthy habits, proper nutrition and lifestyle choices, she can empower them to make positive changes inside and outside the gym to achieve their goals.

When she isn’t in the gym, Abi enjoys socializing with her friends, going on long hikes, and travelling to new places.

What our clients say about Abi

Raman S.
I have been training with Abi for nearly four months now at Iron... Lab. She is a phenomenal coach who is exceptionally knowledgeable about strength training. I wanted to do more strength training but was worried about injury. Abi explains to clients the importance of solid form and stability before progressing to heavier weights. I am much more confident in my strength training and also excited because I have a better understanding of what I am doing and why I am doing it. Abi breaks down the science of a strengthen training simply so that her clients understand why its important to maintain proper form and why it also important to push yourself in the gym. Abi reads her clients extremely well, formulates fitness plans thattake into account client lifestyles and preferences. She encourages her clients and leaves them feeling excited and motivated about their fitness. Abi is an amazing coach and I am so thrilled to have found her.read more
Scott M.
Abi and Martin are amazing trainers. They don't just throw... weights at you like many other do, they take the time to build your foundations and track your progress alongside you. They are the only trainers I've ever had that seem to genuinely care about getting results that extend long term. Would absolutely recommend.read more
Melanie B.
I highly recommend Abi as your personal trainer. She is very... supportive, knowledgeable, and passionate about fitness and health. Her positivity and encouragement keeps me motivated and excited to keep going. What I appreciated the most is her ability to make each session fun while pushing me at the same time. With Abi's guidance, I've already achieved significant progress and gained confidence in my fitness journey. If you're looking for a great trainer who genuinely cares about your success, don't hesitate to choose Abi.read more
Gianmarco S.
I've been training with Abi for a month and a half, and so far... the progress has been just fantastic. I am eating healthier, and enjoying it, I have lost almost 10lbs, my running and general energy levels have visibly improved, and I am starting to feel strong as ever. I would recommend Abi and the IronLab team to anyone who's tired of putting in the work and not getting results. They will hold you accountable and constantly tune your training and habits to maximize your progress.read more

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